Sunday, April 01, 2007

A new room!

I finally wrote a new room for the MUD. It was actually quite easy to write, but I just kept putting it off. I figured I should write something before I get too pooped out from writing with the internship. I have to write an article a day for them. I guess it's expected since this is a journalism internship and all. It's good practice for if I want to get into the journalism field. Anyways, tomorrow I'm going to start working for my cousin to market her new business. It's called Find Smarty ( It's an internship program for older high school students to get some experience. It gives me something to do at least. Watch, because I'm helping her out, the temp agency is going to offer me a job. You know how those things go. Always bad timing. I'm also going to try to go to a job fair tomorrow in Albany. It starts at 10am so I'll have to go then before I start work with Jenjen. So I don't know if that will happen, but I'm going to try anyways.

Another thing that's been going on is that I signed up to take my GRE's again. So I started studying and man, I have a lot of work to do. All of this because I don't want to work. Hehe. Anyways, here is the room.

Secret Tunnel

From behind the wooden trapdoor the smell of damp moss and lilac permeates the air. Like a realm of its own, the otherwise parched stone bricks provide life for lilac vines and fuzzy moss. Cicadas’ constant vibration drums through the flagrant air, transforming the secret passageway into a picture of romance. Loose, light brown dirt covers the ground, but leaves no footprints to taint the divine picture of the tunnel floor. Io and Europa, two of Jupiter’s moons, pan slowly across the enchanted night sky, creating a subtle blue ambiance on the fragile petals of the lilacs. Though it appears that there is no way out of this sanctuary, hidden by the tangled lilac vines is an exit to the east.

Extended Descriptions

Lilacs Moss Vines Fuzzy

Clumps of deep purple lilacs grow towards the glowing moons. Created by a clever witch who enjoyed the sight of ivy, but smell of lilac, the lilac was cultivated into a vine-growing organism that grew quickly on the bone dry wall. The witch found however, that the lilac would perish after a period of time if it did not have a moist counterpart. To save her precious lilacs, she cast a spell for ever-growing moss onto the stonewalls where her beloved flowers were to grow.

Cicada Vibration Drums

The low drumming of the male insects flow through the air. Trying to attract a suitable mate, the male cicadas’ push on endlessly to find their match.
Io Europa Jupiter Moons
The pale light of a single glowing satellite could not give justice to the beauty of this secret tunnel; therefore the ceiling was enchanted to show the rotation of Jupiter’s smallest moons. The magical combination of the moons keeps the lilacs growing all year.

12 11 2 A cicada’s transparent wings catch the glowing light of Europa as it flutters overhead.

The lilac extended description is different from what I usually write for the MUD, but I liked the idea of someone creating a new breed of lilac. I actually don't like the scent of lilac because it gives me a headache, but a lot of people do and this tunnel is supposed to give the feeling of relaxation.

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