Thursday, August 07, 2008

More Georgia Pics

In front of the Levie house.


At the Ben and Jerry's in Chattanooga, Tennessee before our Imax showing of Dolphins and Whales.

Cool 3D glasses for the whales.

The butterfly garden at the Chattanooga aquarium.

This butterfly landed on Julie's leg pretty much as soon as we got into the garden. Pretty cool.

Davie and a butterfly....seems like Julie and Davie are lucky with butterflies landing on them. I think I was more focused on taking pictures than anything else.

These are shoots that go down to the bottom of the tank to send food down to the fish down below. They're like reverse bank suction shoots. Our tour guide called them toilet shoots. For $15 we got a behind the scenes look at the aquarium. It was pretty cool. I'd never done something like that before.

Edward putting the veggie tube into the water for the veggie eating fish. They stuff the tubes with romaine lettuce and broccoli. All of the food that they give the fish is resturant grade. So all of the seafood that they were giving the fish (squid, small fish, and shrimp) could have been stuffed in my bag and cooked up for dinner. I think the stench would have lead them on that I stole some though.

The two sea turtles that the aquarium had were both rehab turtles. This guy lost his back flippers in a boating accident. He has to swim with his bottom sticking up in the water. The tour guide said that if he wanted to stay at the bottom of the tank he had to wedge himself into a crevice to stay down.

Yup, this is a frozen rat. The aquarium feeds them to the big snakes and stuff. They also had tiny little baby mice. They were frozen and looked like plastic hairless mice. They were a little creepy. I like my animals alive.

Look at the caption!!!

The ride home. Some little furry girl slept the whole way! She says "Thank you Pau Pau for the seat belt. You saved me from a couple of Mommy's bad stops."

Look how cool the stingrays are! They come up the wall to feed!

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