Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yay, the plumbers came!

Nothing much has been happening around here except that our water heater went out on Saturday. So I haven't had hot water for almost a week. It's kind of been a drag not having hot water for showers, but other wise it hasn't been that bad. I was just a little irritated because I took work off early so that I would be here for the plumbers. Well, they were a no show. But they're here now, which is good because Emmy and I both need baths.

Other than my minor water drama, nothing has been going on. I come home and watch the olympics and then sleep. I went to bed at 10 10 last night because I had stayed up until 12 30 watching women's gymnastics the night before. So I missed the men's individual event, but I was way to tired to watch. Oh! This Tuesday I actually got to go out with some friends. My coworkers and I got free tickets to this independent film called American Teen Movie. So we went out and had fun. It made me feel like I actually have a life. Hehe.

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