Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beach before dinner

Before our closing of the year dinner with the family we had to drop off some stuff at my Uncle Baldy's house, which made us really early for dinner. Instead of just sitting in the car for half an hour, my dad decided that we should go check out the beach. It was soooo windy and the tide was super high so my mom stayed in the car. I've never actually seen so much sea foam before. Of course, I immediately thought of Ariel and the Little Mermaid fairytale (the real one, not Disney). If you read the original Hans Christian Anderson fable in the link I provided, you will be surprised at how much Disney changes everything. Everything is not so happily ever after.

While Christopher was trying to get his shirt to flip back down from the wind the water was creeping closer and closer to us. My dad said that back when he was a kid before digital cameras were so readily available there used to be photographers milling around to take pictures for you. Yeah, there are no more of those guys walking around. Just lots of dogs and people Parasurfing. All of these were done with the camera on my phone. Technology is taking over!

My dad said that he used to play in the building up toward the right when he was a kid. One time my Yeh Yeh had brought him down to play on the beach and he almost got sucked in, he said. He was so engrossed by the sand and water that he didn't realize that there was a big wave coming in. Obviously it didn't take my dad away, but I thought it was amusing because he started the story with "I almost drowned here once." This didn't really surprise me because he's not the strongest of swimmers now so I can only imagine how he was as a little kid. While we were walking back to the car he said "One of these days the ocean will get me." I sure hope not! He just signed up to get his scuba diving certification!

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