Saturday, February 06, 2010

Wicked with the kids

On Wednesday we went to go see Wicked with Christopher and Briana. Briana was the only one who hadn't seen it before, but it was worth going again. We got some inexpensive seats up in the balcony, but they were still pretty nice. Afterward Briana said that the Glee version of Defying Gravity doesn't even come close to the stage version. We could have all told her that...and probably did at some point, but she needed to see it for herself. We treated ourselves to some late night grilled cheese sandwiches after the show and then it was home to bed for all of us. What is the world coming to? Double dating with my little brother. Aiya.

This was originally my New Year's Eve outfit, but it works for Wicked too.

Tomorrow I plan to get up early so that my dad, Christopher, and I can go sign up for scuba diving lessons and then head out to Nick's place to make brunch. Our plan is to make pancakes with fresh blueberry topping and glazed bananas for brunch. Hehe I get to use my creme brulee torch! And then for a late lunch we're going to make spam, eggs, and rice. Yummy! We've been wanting to do this together all week but haven't had the time. Then on Sunday I figured I'd end up doing a little Superbowling with Nick until I have to leave to go the city for the closing of the year dinner with the extended family. Thank goodness for that, though the Superbowl is much more bearable than Monday Night Football. Dun dun dun bom, bom bom...duh duh duh duh da bom, bom bom.

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