Friday, February 12, 2010

Pictures from brunch

Last Saturday Nick and I made a huge brunch/lunch. By the time I got over to Nick's it was pretty much lunch time. Originally we were going to have the pancakes for brunch and then the spam and eggs for a late lunch, but since I go there so late we just made it all...and ate it all. After that we (I kid you not) took a four hour nap.

Nick made a really tasty blueberry dressing for his pancakes. I'm more of a plain pancake eater since I'm not that big on sweets, but I did taste the blueberry sauce and it was really good.

I was in charge of the rice and pancakes and Nick was in charge of the eggs, spam, and blueberry sauce.

Spam and eggs over rice.

Nick caramelizing strawberries

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