Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Well, this weekend was a little low key.  Friday night we went to pho with Frank, Jenelle, Linda and Rob and then played Cranium at Frank and Jenelle's house.  The girls won, of course.  On Saturday our family all met up for our last Chinese New Year celebration.  I have to say, I'm actually getting a little tired of all the Chinese food.  I didn't know that could happen!  It also could be because I've been getting indigestion lately and the greasy food makes my stomach more upset.  I don't know why it's started all of a sudden.  I think I actually had heart burn from the tamales I ate for dinner last night.  This is a recent thing that I hope passes.  I guess it's better than having gas, but it's really uncomfortable.  I might have to go down to CVS to get Pepcid AC or something.  

On Saturday I also woke up super early for some reason.  My parents were up and were surprised that I was awake.  To kill time I took Emmy on a really long run/power walk.  Since we've been running lately and there is a ton of pollen in the air (and I'm super out of shape) my asthma has been acting up quite a bit.  She runs with no problem, I just can't keep up the jog so I've resorted to power walking.  I'd say all in all we went about three miles with backtracking and going in circles.  After that Nick and I went to go see the movie Valentine's Day.  It was super cute!  I want to get it when it comes out on DVD.  There are so many actors I enjoy in the movie.  The cast was huge!  There were also a ton of Princess Diaries actors in it because the director.  Even small PD 2 characters like the construction brothers and the annoying military guy who yells about everything and picks up Lily.  I think there were seven PD characters in Valentine's Day if I counted correctly.  A lot!

On Sunday Nick went to watch the USA vs. Canada hockey game at Frank and Jenelle's house.  It would have been nice to go and be with people who understand hockey, but I try to be home for dinners on Sunday so I didn't go.  It's a good thing too.  I was getting so loud and worked up that even Emmy was barking at me.  Nick's friends would have thought I was crazy.

Other than that nothing much is going on.  I've been reading The Piano Teacher for my book club on Saturday and we're planning to go to the San Jose Tech Museum to see the Star Trek exhibit on Sunday as a family, but that's about it.  Not much happening here.  There was some drama with Emmy fighting with the neighbor dog that got me all flustered on Monday, but it's better now.  I've resolved to try to train her for aggression towards other dogs and then Edward will take her for formal training when he comes back in the summer.  I've already lost plenty of sleep worrying about what to do with her.  She's good around people it's just other dogs.  Aiya, she'll just have to learn I guess and who else better to start teaching her but me.

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