Friday, July 02, 2010


Guess what this is?



If you guessed skin you would be correct!  This is just some of the skin that has been peeling off of my belly.  It has been itching so much lately so I'm glad that I'm finally shedding.  I can't wait for my legs to start.  They were burnt so badly that I couldn't roll over in bed because the sheets on the ship were too rough.  I was able to peel off these large chunks because I've been putting tons of lotion on so that it wouldn't come off in flakes.  Pretty good method if you ask me.

When my dad was in the army he had gotten really sick and his skin started to peel.  Instead of throwing it away like a normal person, he sent it home to my mom in a letter.  Can you imagine opening a letter and having skin fall out?!? He also saved his hiking blister skin for my mom when he went on a high adventure trip and brought it home for her. That's love. I decided to spare Nick from this gross tradition by taking pictures and then throwing it away.


Christopher Chin said...

Briana and I collectively think that you should NOT be posting that online. Briana thinks that that is too much information. And her grandma concurs.


Small but Weird said...

Just so you know, even though Bonnie had told me about this picture, I still involuntarily cried "Oh-holy-crap-ewwwwwww" when I saw this picture. I can't believe you have a skin peel as big as a pencil. Ewww!