Friday, July 30, 2010

What an awesome weekend

Nick took me to see Wicked! ...Again!  But this time it was even more spectacular because we did the behind the scenes thing.  We got to see some of the actual costumes and props up close and personal.  Elphaba's black dress in the second half of the play is wayyy more detailed than you can see from the seats.  It was really cool.  I couldn't stop smiling when the guides were telling us about the show.  We learned cool stuff about how the production is put on every night.  For instance, the little vial of green liquid that the Wizard has is full of Scope and has a glow stick in the middle of it.  They replace it for every show and have to do that about three times a show.  I like knowing little things like that.  It makes me happy. 

After the tour portion Nick and I walked around looking for somewhere to eat.  We stopped at a little cafe for a Reuben and breakfast burrito.  It was pretty darn tasty for just walking around trying to find something, though I can't remember what the place was called.  After that we went and sat in front of the Asian Art Museum and looked at city hall, but it was really windy and cold so we headed to the giant library across the way to kill time before the matinee showing.  We had thought that maybe after the show that we could go to The Stinking Rose, but we weren't really that hungry so we canceled our reservations and hopped back on BART.  One of these days we'll go there when we're actually hungry.

On Sunday Nick took me back to Bouchon for lunch.  MMMmmmmm.  To work off all of that butter, we took Emmy for a walk at the Lafayette reservoir.  I had never been there before, but had heard a lot about it.  It was really nice, but it's just a little far to go for our daily walks.  New Hall Park will have to do! 

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