Thursday, July 01, 2010

Oh what a trip!  Cruises are always fun... and fattening.  Ooohh so much good food!  When I compile all of our pictures then I will post a full blog on how our trip went.  I had a great time even though I got the sunburn of a lifetime.  I'm talking, couldn't even take off my pants to go to the bathroom, couldn't touch hot water or cross legs kind of burn.  My skin was hot until Tuesday!  Now it's turning into a tan, but it's so itchy and only on my front.  My back is still relatively white.  I wanted to take a picture, but that would have been too graphic. Hahaha, I pretty much looked like I was meant to have red skin and was wearing a white bathing suit.  Anyway, when I get all the pictures I'll write a long post so that I can explain things.  TTFN!

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