Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Product Review: Crest Pro Health

My mom got this toothpaste from Costco to change things up from our normal Colgate whitening paste.  I'm not really a Colgate specific person, but this Crest gel is disgusting.  First of all, it's a gel.  That already has it working against itself in my book.  Second, it tastes disgusting (story to follow).  Third, there is little to no foaming so whatever does come up mingles with your saliva which encourages the nasty tasting gel onto your tongue.  Fourth, it is not sensitive mouth friendly.  My dad was using it first but then realized that it was giving him canker sores so he put it in my bathroom.  Christopher refuses to use it because of its flavor, but I've been trying to tough it out.

As I've been trying to give it a fair chance and not to waste, Pro Health has impressed me a little.  It actually works really well.  I like the little granules in the gel and it makes my teeth feel really smooth and clean.  If it wasn't for the terrible taste I would really enjoy this toothpaste.  At first you get a nice minty flavor, but if you keep brushing for more than a minute, which I hope you do, it gets this awful taste that makes me gag.  I have to actively try not to let it touch my tongue until I go to brush it right at the last minute; a difficult feat since the lack of foam makes it run everywhere.  Instant gag reflex.  My stomach actually heaves and eyes water when I brush my tongue with this stuff.

Let me tell you about this time when I had to clean our 20 gallon fish tank.  My dad was teaching me how to siphon the water out so that we wouldn't have to use a bowl and scoop it.  I'm not scientific in any sense, but I'm going to try to explain siphoning without having to reference and/or link Wikipedia.   The theory is simple in that you use some sort of suction method on a tube to get the liquid moving.  The natural pressure of the liquid will keep a continuous flow through the tube once there is enough liquid being pulled.  Wah lah! And you have a siphon.  In my case we were using a clear plastic tube for the fish water to go into our bar sink.  In large scale cases I'm sure that there are giant machines that produce this suctioning effect, however, we were using a tube and our mouths.  Because I think I may share half a brain with a bat, I got caught up in looking at the water going through the tube as I was sucking it up.  Yup, mouthful of ammonia-filled fish tank water.  A horrible experience that I would not wish upon even my worst enemies.

This is what the post-minute tooth pastes flavor reminds me of.

Needless to say, I do not enjoy the flavor of this tooth paste.  The cons definitely outweigh the pros on this one.  Yes, my mouth feels clean and actually cleaner than when I use our regular Colgate, but it's at the expense of my gag reflex and bad experience.  After this tube is done, I will be switching back to the Colgate paste I am used to.  I have at least learned from my bad experience and  pay attention when I siphon now.

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