Friday, November 21, 2014

Dimensional Stars

 As most of you know, I love to shop, but I hate spending a lot on one item.  I was at Joann’s the other day and saw some “dimensional” adhesive stars in the holiday section at Joann’s.  They were originally priced at $15.00 and were on sale for $11.00 for eight stars.  Bogus!  It was just a cardboard star with a piece of clear plastic folded in half and glued in the middle.  I could even see the glue through the clear plastic.  I quickly headed to the back of the store where I knew they had wooden shapes.  I bought 12 wooden stars of similar size for $0.29 each.  I went over to the scrapbook paper section and picked out some paper.  I could have been really frugal about it and used regular scrapbook paper, but I love sparkle so I splurged on glitter paper for $1.50 per sheet. I got two sheets of glitter paper and a sheet of holiday paper.  For $7.08 plus tax, I made 12 custom made stars to suit the theme of our house.  You could even be more frugal and make brown paper bag stars or use old Christmas wrapping paper.  

These are the stars that caught my attention.  The designs are on the clear plastic.

These wooden stars were $0.29.
Using 3M Spray Adhesive, I sprayed my entire piece of Christmas scrapbook paper and stuck the stars on.
While the stars were drying in the glue, I traced the star on the back of the glitter paper and cut them out. I had left out one star for a separate gift I was doing at the same time.  If you aren't reserving any stars, make sure to trace your stars before you glue them to your scrap paper.

Using an Exacto knife, I cut the paper away from the sides of the stars.  The stars would have looked nice like this if I attached them to a string to make a garland decoration.  Maybe that will be a future project.

I gently folded the glitter stars in half, careful not to crease the paper. Using a quick drying glue, I simply glued the center of the glitter star to the wood star.

I plan to put these over our fireplace this holiday season.

Since the glitter paper was $1.50 per page, I cut up the excess scraps and folded/curled them to put them into glass ornaments.  This yielded me three coordinating ornaments for our tree.

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