Friday, April 04, 2008

Curtain tie

I'm oddly very proud of this. I think it looks so nice.

We also went out to Lowe's today to get wood. I think that we'll be putting our planter together tomorrow. It was very rainy here today. I also want to go out to a plant nursery tomorrow to see what kinds of plants they have. Lowe's had strawberry plants, but I thought that they'd be cheaper at the nursery. We'll have to see though. Maybe we can have a planter just for strawberries! It'll be like our little strawberry patch at home.

Lowe's also seems to have gotten a whole supply of flower and herb transplants in. Since my Rosemary hasn't sprouted and my Oregano seems to have gone back into the ground I might just buy transplants.

Emmy's nails were getting pretty long even though we go jogging almost everyday now. She looks like such a princess while Daddy is giving her a manicure. She sat perfectly still while Edward clipped her nails for her.

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