Thursday, April 10, 2008

The good news and bad news post

You know how people ask you if you want to hear the good news or the bad news first? Well I have enough of each to alternate so that you don't feel down after you read the bad news.

Good News (GN) #1:

As my last post said, my good friend Melanie and her husband Kevin are expecting! I was so excited to hear her phone message. She had opened with a "Hi Auntie Allison" so I thought it was Julie at first because she's the only one who calls me that (for the doggies). But after I started really listening I was like, wait, this isn't Julie's voice. It sounds like Melanie. By the time I pieced it all together she had already said that she was pregnant. As soon as I heard that I went "HUH!" really loud and startled Emmy. There would have been so much squealing and crying if I were at home for her to tell me. Anyway, so I called her back and we talked on the phone for like an hour and forty minutes.

Bad News (BN) #1:
I have to turn in a 15-20 paged paper tonight for Southern Women Writers and have been stressed out up the wah-zoo. I've been so down this week that even looking at my beautiful doggy and new planter (and Edward for that matter) couldn't cheer me up. When I heard Melanie's news it made my week, but since I was so excited talking to her I expended all of my energy on our phone conversation. When I sat down at my computer to work on my paper my eye lids were drooping.

GN #2:
When I finally got in bed last night I turned on the TV for 10 minutes of cooling off my brain. Luckily for me there were good infomercials on. The night before, when I was also needing some good "bad" TV there were those stupid ads for selling your old gold and silver jewelery. That definitely didn't make me feel any better. Last night, however, was much better. I watched two rounds of the NuWave cooker...two rounds meaning the same set of clips played over and over. I love infomercials. Edward and I were talking about the difference between infomercials and QVC because I'm not into the later at all. We think it is because with QVC you know exactly what you're getting where as with infomercials you don't really know if it works or not. Plus, in the realm of the infomercial they usually have one or two actors who are paid to make the product fun and exciting. Sometimes even the demonstrator gets excited, which is always a good sign.

BN #2:
I had to wake up early again to do my paper. I've been waking up around 9 30-10am every day this week to work on this gosh darn paper. I've been guzzling so much coffee that my urine even smells like it. Gross.

GN #3:

With an hour to spare I finished my first draft of the paper. Page count 13.5, 16 with works cited.

BN #3:
Instead of relaxing on my day off, tomorrow I have to go into the Y to make sure that we have scrapbooking supplies for the annual Healthy Kids Day event. I hate Healthy Kids Day. When I hear those three words I don't think "Oh good! We're promoting exercise and healthy eating!" I hear "We want you to be here at 9am and waste your Saturday for minimum wage."

GN #4:
I have part of Sunday to regain my sanity.

BN #4:
My stress pimples haven't gone back into my face and are still nice and red on my chin. They won't have time to recover before I have to submit yet another paper topic on Sunday and prepare for my Information Age presentation on Tuesday.

GN #5:

The presentation is on Harry Potter Fanfiction so at least I'm interested in the subject.

BN #5:

It's a presentation.

GN #6:
My mentor said that my proposal looks good and she'll take care of the rest so that I can register on Monday.

BN #6:

I'm afraid that I'm not going to get a B- or better in my Renaissance Lit class, which means that I might get a C+. A C+ means that I won't get the credits and will have to stay an extra semester. In my mind a C+ mean I fail, though technically it isn't failing. My plan to counteract this is to sign up for the summer class and then drop it if I get a good grade in Renn. Lit. What sucks is that I won't know what my grade is until after the semester is over and the summer class starts the week after the semester ends. We literally get a weekend as a "break" before summer classes start. I'm so burnt out right now that I don't even want to take the class.

GN #7:
I thought that Oregano had crumbled back into the dirt, but as soon as I posted that a little guy popped up and is now flourishing.

BN #7:
Lavender Brown turned brown and Thyme is going in the same direction. The two plants that had given me the most hope are leave me. I think I'm going to have to get transplants. They're soooo much easier.

GN #8:
I want to leave you on a good news, although I think I have more bad news than good. But the good news is that I have new pictures of Emmy to post, which I'll get to later this week. Another good thing is the sun is shining and it's been in the upper 50's low 60's. I've been able to wear my flip flops and sit outside on our deck while I slave over boring articles and books. At least I'm getting my vitamin D!

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