Thursday, April 24, 2008

To post or not to post...

As finals approach very quickly, like road runner quickly, I have to write more papers that I really want to. So, I'd like to say that I might not post for about a week, but knowing myself I will probably post about every little thing that happens just to procrastinate. It's up in the air, but be forewarned, I might not post for a little while.

Anyway, my high school friends and I started an AA for shoppers support group. My friend Shanna and I are horrible at saving money so our friend Melanie, who is great at saving, is helping us manage our money. We started on Monday, and neither of us has spent any money yet. Whenever we get the urge to spend we IM or text each other to prevent each other from buying. Shanna is saving way more money than I am because she eats out a lot. She's been making breakfast and lunch for herself and she's saving loads of mu-lah. I don't really spend much during the week since I'm at work and school most of the time and use our Crock Pot everyday. It's the weekends that kill me. That's when I go out and "de-stress" shop. We've allotted ourselves certain amounts of money for our necessities. Mine is about $910 a month for groceries, rent, and gas. To be realistic we've given ourselves small amounts of spending money. When I say a little, I mean a little. I'm only giving myself $50 a month! It's difficult because of Christopher and Ed's birthdays and Ed's graduation, but I'll make due. Melanie said that I can spend a little extra for presents, but not to go overboard.

I've agreed to only buy one pair of shoes every six months as part of the support group. My eyes almost popped out of my head when Melanie said that. Also, I've been putting off a haircut, but I'm going to bite the bullet and go get one which means that it is to come out of my extra money. I have to save so that I can buy my herb transplants in May. They're only about $2 each, but I want to buy all the ones that I managed to kill. Instead of buying a new timer for the coffee pot (the one that we have doesn't work) I'm going to use that money to buy myself some plants and just wake up a little early to push the power switch. Ed suggested that I put the pot in the bedroom so that I can roll over in bed and push it, but the machine leaks a little and I don't want it to ruin our furniture. Plus, having a coffee machine in the bedroom is kind of weird. It'd smell good though...but the idea of sweet smelling herb transplants sounds better.

Speaking of herbs, my plants are doing pretty well. I can't wait to go get transplants though. It's instant gratification. I got a tomato plant today from my coworker. So I'm going to plant that tomorrow I think. I'm very excited.

With all of the money that I plan on saving I am going to direct deposit $10 a month into my ING account that is dubbed the "Emmy Fund, Lasik Fund, and Oh Crap Fund". Since the one savings account has three uses, I want to open three separate funds. If I start with putting $10 in the combined fund, eventually I can open the others. Right now, the fund is primarily the Emmy Fund in case something happens to her, but I really want Lasik soon so I have to save.

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