Saturday, April 12, 2008

Garnet Hill Sheets

For Julie's birthday I ordered some stuff from this catalog called Garnet Hill. Now I get the catalog every month or so. The clothing is very expensive and not my taste, but the linens are so cute. I really want to get these two patterns in the duvet cover, but they're $80 each. Way more than I'm willing to pay. I ripped the pages out of the catalog and plan to go look for similar patterns elsewhere when I have money. I've been shopping like crazy lately because I've been stressed and shopping is my stress outlet. Hopefully I can find similar covers. I like our white one that Julie gave us, but now that the season is changing I feel like we need a little more Spring in our apartment.

I would like the nice cream colored one. The tan wouldn't be bad either, but the pinkish is a little too pinkish for me.

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