Monday, June 06, 2011

Work update

I finally did it.  I gave my two weeks notice.  I was feeling pretty good about it at first, but now I'm just feeling guilty.  With D__ leaving last month and now me this month, this is a huge blow for the company.  I had an interview with a staffing agency last week and they seem really promising.  It was the first time that someone has told me that I actually have experience AND a good educational background.  I'm so used to hearing that I have too much education and not enough experience.  The company has provided me with three years of jack-of-all-trades experience.  I can do admin, marketing, accounts payable and receivable, customer support, phone line tech support, and management.  I'd say that it has been a great experience for me, but now it's time for me to grow.  If Nick and I really want to get serious and start our lives together we need to find good jobs first.  We are both really hoping that this staffing agency will at least get me started in a new direction.  For now I'm willing to start at the bottom, but I hope to climb the ladder quickly.  I am very, very grateful for all that the company has afforded me, but now is my time to move up in the world.  Well, technically I'd be moving down the ladder, but hopefully it will be for a bigger company where I can climb more.  I've exceeded the capacity of the company thus far.  It has been a pleasure working with all of my work buddies, but as The Jefferson's theme says "I'm movin' on up, movin' on up!"

I came to the conclusion a couple of nights ago that if I stay at here that the agency won't be able to find me a good job because I would need to give two weeks notice before I can leave.  Who wants to wait two weeks for someone to quit their old job when there are dozens of other candidates ready to hire?  So I may as well do it now while my face and resume are fresh in their minds.  It's a huge risk, but I have my family to fall back on if I can't find work soon and the staffing agency's temp department is also on the lookout for temp-to-hire positions for me.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

good job.

Anonymous said...

your on your way to a new a brighter career. Proud of you