Tuesday, June 28, 2011


With some steady perseverance and modifying my resume, I've secured myself a phone interview this afternoon and a second interview tomorrow morning with a company called Webfortis.  The last week and a half I've been dedicating two to three hours to job applications.  Beyond that point, my eyes blur and I run out of Craigslist and Monster ads.  My eyestrain and patience seems to be paying off though.  At this point I am really hoping I nail the second interview tomorrow (I had gotten a last minute call from them last week to come in).  I'm not sure how many other people they interviewed or how many people I'm still up against.  The position is for a receptionist/front desk person, but the interviewer said that people escalate quickly and if I show potential in marketing, which is the direction I'd like to go, that I would be able to start learning the ropes.  I sure hope so!  My dad suggested that I go back to school for my MBA, but if I can secure a lower end position and learn on the job it would be ideal.  I've spent way to much time as a student already and I'm willing to start at the bottom and work my way up.  I have the educational background I just need to get some more work experience under my belt.  This company also offers Sales, Development, and Customer Support departments fo me to branch out to if I would like.  I will be staying away from customer support.  I've had enough of that for a life time.

As for the phone interview, I'm a little apprehensive.  Like Webfortis, it was a posting on Craigslist.  Unlike Webfortis, they didn't put a company name on the listing nor did the woman who emailed me give any company information.  I'm glad that it is a phone interview.  I wouldn't want to be walking into a scam or worse.  The way I see it, the phone interview will get me loosened up for tomorrow's interview.

And as I was writing this post I got a call for an interview from Dzurenda and Associates Inc.  At first I got really excited and scheduled an interview, but after I looked further into their company and looked at reviews they sound like a scam.  Nick agreed.  So on with the job hunt!

My dad and some of his coworkers are putting my resume in for a technical writing position at the Lab.  I'm hoping I hear back from them, but from what my dad says, they work slowly.  So if Webfortis does ask me to join their team I will gladly accept and figure out the Lab application later if anything comes of it.

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