Thursday, September 04, 2014

Marbella, Spain: Day 12

Today I spent the day, well, blogging.  I was so tired from our day trip yesterday that I didn't have the energy to write a lengthy post.  It's probably a good thing that our trip is coming to an end.  I wake up later and later in the day.  Today I didn't roll out of bed until around noon.  And we're almost out of tooth paste. 

I commissioned Nick to drive me to the local mall where there was an Italian cosmetics store I wanted to get stuff from.  After that, I camped out at one of the resort bars and buckled down to write my Day 11 blog post for the next few hours. 

Dennis had ice cream for lunch. 

I love a nice frosty glass. 

Blogging and drinking by the pool. 

Sister got a passion fruit gin and tonic that came in a huge goblet. 

Sister got bravas potatas for lunch. 

Nick got a couple of sliders. 

I got chicken tenders.  We were trying not to eat that much since we were planning on going back to Los Abanicos for dinner. 

To get the cabanas you have to get up early.  Ye Ma hung out in theirs while Mom and Dad got lunch.  From this pic you would think that she's cold, but the sun is so strong here that she needed some skin coverage. 

Mom at the beach.

For dinner we went back to Los Abanicos so that the parents could order giant king prawns.  We've been to this place three times in the seven days that we spent in Marbella.  Between the eight of us I think that we've tried all of their entrees.  The staff even recognizes us now.  Granted, we're probably the only Asian Americans with this many people that have come this week. Most vacationers around here are from the UK.  One lady told us that the Malaga airport is only a two and a half hour flight for them.  Marbella is kind of like Palm Springs for us. 

Nick and Dad unintentionally matched for dinner tonight. 


Baked shrimp and avocado in a béchamel sauce.  The idea of it doesn't sound that great, but it was actually pretty good. The lighting is poor because we were seated outside tonight.  

Even though I got it last night, I wanted the lamb again.  Tonight's was even bigger and better.  The crust wasn't nearly as hard and most of the meat was really soft and succulent. 

Sister got a fish called John Dory in a cream sauce.

Nick got a grilled turbot.

The king prawns that we came for.  Let me tell you, the plates are pretty good sized and these suckers filled them up pretty well. 

Tomorrow we are heading back to Barcelona to spend a day before flying back home.  Dennis and his family will be leaving us there and going on a week long cruise to Italy.  Though another week sounds amazing, I'm actually getting tired of eating and really miss Emmy.  Next week will be salads for sure.  Until then: Hold on to your butts, we're coming home.

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