Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: September 24, 2014

Tonight I was still on a mission to use up the excess food from the BBQ.  When my family came over for our tester Spanish dinner we made one pound of chorizo so I figured for a larger party that I should get much more.  I bought five pounds of chorizo, which turned out to be way too much.  I think we only ended up cooking about half of it.  I wanted Nick to grill it with all of the other sausage that we didn't end up serving (that will be for another post), but he thought that it would fall apart.  He was probably right.  Instead, I broke up the chorizo and mixed it with the left over tomato soup.  I let it boil down and then put it over pasta.  Wa-lah!  I was able to use left over Potatas Bravas sauce for soup and then again for pasta sauce.  Is that gross?  It was boiled, so whatever.  It was all eaten and that's what I care about.  As much as we try not to waste, we always have a little bit of something to throw away at the end of the week.

I really, really like chorizo in pasta sauce now.  I think I'll be making a similar version on a regular basis.  Technically it's a meat sauce, but it definitely has a different flavor when you use chorizo.  I get it from our local Mexican market for around $3.25/lb. 

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