Friday, September 19, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: September 17, 2014

I’ve been nagging Nick to get a new ceiling fan with a light installed in our living room since we moved in.  We had a ceiling fan, which is really nice to have, but it had no light attachment.  I hate sitting in dimly lit rooms.  I think this is mostly because my Mom always said to watch TV with the lights on, but also because my eyes are so poor that I have a really hard time seeing things when it’s not bright enough or there is transitioning light. For example, I can drive at night with no problem, but I have a really difficult time with depth perception during dawn and dusk.  This being the case, our large living room was dimly lit and I didn’t like sitting down there at night to watch TV.

After much debate on which style we wanted, we finally picked one on Amazon.  It came a couple days before our trip to Spain, but we didn’t have time to install it.  Subsequently, Nick wanted to wait for his cousin to finish the last leg of his Spain – Italy trip to help him install the light.   Three weeks since we got the ceiling fan, it’s finally installed.  Nick’s cousin came to help install the light and his sister came to have dinner with us.  Den was feeling how we were at the end of our trip and a little bit tired of heavy food, so I made chicken rice as a throwback to our Malaysia trip. 

I've been trying different recipes for Hainanese Chicken rice, but can't get it to taste nearly as good as the hawker stands in Singapore.  I think I'm missing a key ingredient of Pandan leaves, but I can't seem to find them when I need them.  Sometimes Ranch 99 will carry them, but those aren't the times I'm making Chicken Rice. Tonight I tried the Serious Eats version. I also started off with left over chicken stock (defrosted) from the previous adventure with Chicken Rice.  A just added some water to make more stock.  I used the left over stock to cook the rice also.  Once the rice was done cooking, I ladled in about another cup of hot chicken stock from the finished chicken.  The rice turned out really well, but the chicken was rather flavorless.  To go with the chicken, I made a stirfry of sugar snap peas and a salad with pickled shallots. 

Ginger Garlic dipping sauce.  Nick also made a brown sauce from soy sauce, Siracha, and sesame oil.

Ginger garlic sugar snap peas

Romaine salad loaded with pickled shallots and avocado.

Traditionally you use a whole chicken to make chicken rice, but I only had chicken quarters.

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