Thursday, October 26, 2006

The boys and girls club

Well today I managed to get my butt outside and down to the local Boys and Girls club. I volunteered to teach kids to scrapbook. It was a lot of fun, but they were using PASTE!! It was so messy and all the paper was ripply and soggy. The guy who lead it with me said that he would get stick glue for next week. Although no one is going to get stuff from me, I did find out that a few of the kid's parent’s scrapbook. I didn't want to be like "hey kid, let your parents know they can buy stuff from me." I didn't want to be a total sleaze ball.

The club was like a mad house. There were kids running around and screaming everywhere. I don't know how those people work there everyday. I only volunteered for an hour and a half and it was so loud I thought that I was going to loose my mind. The kids were so sweet though. All of them are into the ghetto talk already. I just want to correct them left and right. All in all it was a lot of fun and the time just flew by. The kids were so excited to get to have their own scrapbooks and paper.

Today was just a big volunteering day for me I guess. I went to the local YMCA to meet the kids and start up their newsletter. After all the kids heard that it'll be really good for their college apps they all wanted to be part of it. It was quite nice to see how they all wanted to volunteer and to know that they all want to go to college.

The lady who is in charge of the group told me that she could give me a ride home so that I wouldn't have to take the bus by myself at night. Well, I guess she went to lunch or something with her daughter who dropped her off at work after. So neither of us had a ride home. When her daughter came to get her I guess she didn't know that she had to give me a ride too. Her car was full so I had to go home with the daughter and the lady had to find another way to get home. Then when we were driving home I almost had a heart attack because this group of people was in the middle of the street and that lady driving wasn't slowing down. I had to tell her to stop, but she didn't. She then proceeded to say how stupid people are to be walking in the middle of the street so slowly. I don't know how she got her license, but when I took driver's ed, pedestrians had the right of way. She also failed to notice that one of the guys had a cane. I thought we were going to plow right through these guys. So not only was the ride awkward because we didn't know each other and the YMCA lady wasn't there, but she nearly mowed over three people. At the end of the ride she said that she could give me a ride anytime that I needed one since we live near each other. I don't think I ever want to ride with her again. I really need my car.

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Julie Bower said...

Allison, I think its so great that you are volunteering! Not many people use their academic and personal skills to help other people, which is too bad. I'm proud of you.

I laughed out loud at your car ride experience. Too funny!