Friday, October 20, 2006

Trying to catch up on the news

Did you know that The Goodwill Store sells new shoes?! I was so stoked. I got a pair of cute Mary Jane type shoes for $4.99! They still had the elastic thing on them and no dirt or scratches on the bottom. I was blown away. I saw some really cute shoes that Target had, but they were really uncomfortable. They had a whole bunch, which leads me to believe that Target and Walmart type stores sell all their overstock to Goodwill. These were the cheapest Xhilaration (Target) shoe's I've ever bought. On top of that I got an Express sweater for $4.49. How awesome is that? The sweater probably cost the original owner like $50+. All I have to do is wash it and that's it! It's a nice heavy sweater, which I'm in need of because it's getting seriously cold here. The end of this week as well as next week is supposed to be in the 40's and 50's high. Wow, right now says that it's 50 degrees but feels like 47. I've never seen it where the "feels like" is actually different than the actual temperature. Many, you have to love California just for that. Anyways, I've been looking in Goodwill for a heavy winter coat. They have a ton there, but it seems like everyone who gives stuff to the store was a billion pounds. Everything is so super big. So I'm guessing that I'll have to go to a regular store and get a nice pea coat or something. I was hoping to get one at an inexpensive price though. I tried on a nice toggle buttoned J.Crew jacket that was a Petite Small, but I was still swimming in it. Old Navy here I come! Delia's is having a sale on all their cute outerwear stuff, but I don't have the money right now to be spending $80 on a jacket from them. I can guarantee that Old Navy has them cheaper. They might not be as cute or stylish, but they serve the same purpose.

I've decided to get an extended warrantee on my computer. After having to send it in and get a new power cord it cost almost $500 in total. So after that, I'm willing to spend the $350 or whatever to get the extended warrantee. It's a good thing that the laptop was still under the year warrantee otherwise I wouldn't have been able to afford that. Phew! I think I can still get the student discount too. Or at least have Ed to do it for me or something. My year is up on Oct. 23rd, but since I bought the computer in California their law says that my warrantee is extended for the time that Apple had my computer. They had it for 14 days so I have until November! Woo Hoo! So now I don't have to scramble around to transfer money to get this. After seeing how much this year warrantee has helped me, I'm convinced that I need this extended plan. What's cool is that they decided that my battery did qualify for the exploding battery thing so they replaced it. I'm glad I sent it in now because when I called them when all that was happening, they said that my model didn't qualify. Plus, they changed my keyboard! So I have a brand new battery and keyboard. Yippee! It doesn't really make up for all the documents I lost, but that's my fault. I feel like Carrie from Sex and the City when her computer crashed and she lost a bunch of stuff. She got a zip drive after that. I'm going to have to start backing up my stuff too. Right now I'm not too worried about it since I have nothing on here.

Anyways, yesterday was my first Get Together for Creative Memories. I was so stressed and nervous during the week that a huge pimple popped up. The Get Together went well even though I only had two people. The both seem really interested so I'm hopeful. Hopefully they'll get me some business. I might actually start making money now. Hehe.

In the time that my computer was gone, I found out that we actually get TV! We have a crappy little TV with an antenna, but it works and gets me Sex and the City and Veronica Mars. I've been planted in front of the tube every night now.

Oh, I'm also going to start volunteering with the local YMCA as an editor for a new newsletter that the Black and Latino group is doing. I originally went to get scrapbooking clients, but that didn't work out so well. I was so excited when the woman said that they were starting a newsletter and needed "experienced" people to run and edit it. Think of how great this will look on my resume!!! I was like, Oh My God, this is going to help me get experience for the publishing industry! If this newsletter gets the recognition that we hope, this will be an awesome reference. I'm also looking forward to presenting the scrapbooking stuff and making new friends. Ed and I are doing very well here, but we both miss having friends around 24/7. I guess we got spoiled at the Grecian where everyone lived within 10 feet...well Tim, Rattan and Alan did anyways.

I've also taken up baking and cooking because it's so cold here. I listen to Mugglecast podcast and cook. Come to think of it, I need to send cookies to Austin and Alex before the batter goes bad. Note to self: bake and send cookies. The last couple of nights I made homemade pierogies that actually tasted good.

Tonight we're going to a women's hockey game and a swim/diving meet tomorrow. We've been really into hockey lately. It's so exciting!! Men's hockey is very stimulating. All the fights and cheering is awesome. I dare say that it's more exciting than Cal games. There is so much more action. I have a video of when RPI scored. You can't really see the puck to well, but you hear screaming and I started jumping up and down so the camera was all over the place. I don't know how I could post that. If anyone knows how, let me know and I'll stick it up. Here are some pictures of us at the RPI vs. York game.

I'm posting pictures of my awesomely acquired sweater and shoes as well as this gigantic bug that crawled up the wall right next to me. It was soooo gross.

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