Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More rooms

Here are some more rooms for the project. I edited the first interrogation room and added some things to make it a little stronger. The second interrogation room was inspired by a torture device that I saw in a museum in Prague. The contraption is fictional, but the idea of the saw is not. I looked up different types of blades to see which kind ripped and which sliced. The third are is one that I was trying out for taste. I thought that maybe I should get out of Azkaban and start writing lighter stuff, but after I managed to kill a squirrel in a bunch of logs I decided that Azkaban is probably the place for me. I actually was able to add echoes for this section though. Since I usually don't do echoes it was a nice little change. So here it all is.

Interrogation room #1

A tall wooden pole stands seemingly out of place at the far end of the
bright white room. Though the room is crisp and white, the pole looks
weather beaten and damp. A faint scent of sweat and urine lingers in the
quiet room. Small flecks of orange litter the floor beneath the poles
curved top. Upon closer inspection, a medium sized dark hook camouflages
itself at the pinnacle of the sinister looking pole. The rusted orange
screws of the hook cause the debris that is left on the floor, as if the
pole had been shaken, releasing the encrusted rust. The lone pole faces the
only exit to the northwest, allowing the interrogated to see the escape that
cannot be reached. Their inability to escape the feigned Hell is enough to make them crack. Freedom can only be won by answers.

Extended Descriptions

Pole Hook

The hook placed at the curvature of the pole serves as a torture tool. Do
not underestimate the simplicity of the hook. When chained to it, its victims are certain to die a tortured and painful death. In a traditional behind-the-back handcuff pose, the interrogated is hung by their wrists. Hours in this position will eventually dislocate the shoulders from the sockets. Only inches from the floor, the victim is helpless, and cannot support themselves. Once the shoulders have dislocated, the hook magically rises to prevent the victims from touching the floor.

White Walls Crisp Sweat Urine

Bewitched to beat the interrogated with rain, hail, and snow, the walls provide the interrogator with elemental torture. Frostbite and bruises take over the victims as they hang helplessly for days. The dreadful cold of the room freezes tears on the victim’s face as they hang in agony. Hollow howling of the wind masks the steady weeping that emits from the victim’s fragile body. Naturally, the built-up human excrement permeates the room. When the interrogation is complete, the room resumes its pristine appearance, though the smell lingers.

Hell Freedom Exit Northwest

Simply by placing the victim towards the exit, the desire to escape is enough to loosen the tongue. The combination of psychological and physical abuse complement each other to weaken the mind as well as the body.

Interrogation room #2

In the center of this dank room is a large metal contraption fastened to the bloodstained floor. From the rectangular frame, four chains hang from the contraption, two on top and bottom. Metal cuffs attached at the end of the chains each have a hinge to clasp around the victim’s wrists and ankles. A double handled saw hangs on two hooks implanted into wall of stone. Inch long teeth of the saw are designed to easily cut through human flesh. Hung head down and legs spread the interrogator and an assistant can carve their victims with ease. As the victim’s genitals are the first to be split in half, this technique is highly effective. On occasion when a stubborn victim is questioned, their screams of agony echo down the exits to the north, south, west, north and southeast.

Extended Descriptions

Metal Contraption Chains Rectangular Frame

The tall metal frame is screwed into the stone floor to prevent the narrow structure from crashing to the ground. Two chains adorned with cuffs are affixed to each
corner of the rectangle. When interrogated, the victim is hung face down in a forced spread-eagle position. Suspended two inches in the air, the victim is unable to move. Placing the saw between the victim’s legs the interrogator proceeds with the questioning. The feel of the cold blade is enough to make the victim oblige. Being able to see the bloodstained stones, the interrogated does not question the interrogators intentions.

Double Handled Saw Teeth

This tool resembles a Two-man saw often used by lumberjacks to fell trees. About one metre long, the chisel-edged blades are designed to rip wood cells from one another. With wooden handles on each end, two people are needed to operate the tool. Sharp enough to cut down a tree, this instrument can easily slice through human flesh and bone. Sticky with old blood, the teeth are beginning to rust do to lack of proper cleaning. If the victim is lucky enough to live through the interrogation, tetanus will ensure a painful death.

Fallen Tree Area

Green moss covers the flaking brown bark of the decaying logs. Sharp broken trunks erect three feet high where the tops had snapped. The break was most likely caused by last winter’s heavy snowfall. Thin broken limbs lay serenely in horizontal lines while their thicker counterparts stick firmly into the soft earth. The jumbled mass looks like a giant-sized game of Pickup Sticks. Large enough to make a clearing of its own, the clump of logs provides a miniature habitat for small animals and insects. Seedlings sprout around their decaying elders, hoping to become full-fledged trees in years to come.

Extended Descriptions

Seedlings Full-Fledged

Tiny, one branched saplings poke out from the logs’ protection. Reaching desperately towards the sun, the small trees grow slowly in the forest’s darkness.

Broken Limbs Thin

The thin leaf bearing limbs snapped unceremoniously upon contact with the ground. The once green leaves and needles quickly turned to compost, fertilizing the soil for future life.

Thick Trunks Logs Decay Pickup Sticks

The larger parts of the trees stuck firmly into the ground when it broke from the less than sturdy trunks. Jagged edges of both the logs and matching trunks protrude in dangerous angles. Although beautiful, the sharp logs and trunks proved to be deadly to a squirrel who was unfortunate enough to loose its balance and be skewered. Tiny skeletons of those who met a similar fate can be found around the logs.


12 11 1 A small breeze breaks its way through the forest’s dense foliage.

12 11 2 A beetle scurries through the dense forest of moss. The plush peat mutes the insect’s soft footfall.

In the little virtual office that the Project gave me there is an awesome description. They also put in an echo that says "Allison rawks!" and "The owner of this office writes glorious rooms that live in our nightmares." I was pretty stoked about that one. Hahah. They also left me a rose which was sweet. This is what my room "looks" like. I'm probably going to change it, but I just thought that this was a great bit of descriptive writing. Some of these writers are seriously amazing. I hope to call myself the same some day.

My office

This round, stone chamber is roughly twenty paces in diameter. Where the
floor isn't concealed by rich, blood-red rugs as soft as plush velvet, the
fine, ebony floorboards, polished to an ice-smooth finish, are visible. The
gently curving dry-stone walls are crafted of precisely-fitted grey marble;
the gleaming expanse is softened by night-black brocade hangings woven
though with silver thread, each showing the night sky in a different season,
the moon-phase varying to mimic the true moon. The domed ceiling overhead
appears to be formed of the purest crystal, though the eternal, moonless
night it reveals owes little to the time or season of the mundane world.
Ebony furniture, carved with subtle thorn motifs and inlaid with sanguine
garnets to resemble rose petals or perhaps droplets of blood, graces the
space with its improbably-graceful curves. Light is provided by blown-glass
orbs filled with softly-luminescent fluid, floating at shoulder height
throughout the space. They avoid obstacles with ease, dimming to darkness
whenever anyone glances above at the display of velvet sky and diamond
stars. The only visible exit is a spiral staircase in the center of the
floor, each downward-leading tread inlaid with constellations in silver wire
and cabochon-gut gems.

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