Tuesday, October 17, 2006

back up and running

I finally got my computer back! The bad thing is that Apple reformatted it so now everything is gone. It took me a while just to figure out my username for this. Turns out that it's case sensitive so when I put in the name that I thought I used it didn't find me because I used a capital. What a pain.

Anyways, now that it's been so long I can't remember everything that's been going on here. On Saturday we went to a hockey game that was incredibly intense. We ended up tying with Boston University. They're like 3rd in the nation and we tied with them! Go Red! And on top of that Cal beat Washington State. Go Bears!

After we were at the game, we went home and I sucessfully baked home made snickerdoodles. I'm becoming a little miss homemaker. My cooking skills have improved immensely. It's a good thing Edward isn't too picky. Then we went to a midnight showing a the UPAC, a college run movie thing, of Ice Age 2. It was really good. That squirel is incredibly funny. You really start to feel sorry for the guy.

Hmm, what else? The scrapbooking thing is going okay I guess. It's really hard not knowing anyone around here. I have my first big get together on Thursday that I'm a little nervous about. I'm sure it'll go fine, but I'm nervouse none the less.

Oh and it's been super cold here. I'll look outside and think it's warm because the sun is out, but it's freezing. Buffalo actually is covered in 2 feet of snow already. I'm glad that we're not in Western New York.

Okay well I think this is it for now since I can't really think of anything else to say.

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