Friday, October 27, 2006

Woo Hoo!

Okay, so I'm a total dork, but I just got off Project Legilimensia. One of my editors and another guy came in to the room just tell me that they liked my room!


Kaya <99> exclaims 'by the way, this room is great!'

Jack <99> says 'yes, nicole and mira showed me it last night'

Jack <99> says 'i was very impressed'

Kaya <99> nods at Jack <99>.

Kaya <99> exclaims 'yes, this room totally sambas!'

Jack <99> says 'and even made me shudder which is a very good thing for dark writing =P'

Kaya <99> says 'so that's what I came to tell you, Allison, my sweet. That you basically, totally, and absolutely samba'

How exciting is that?! This room bumped me up a level, got me off probabtion (I totally forgot that I was on it) and got me my own personal office on the site! Cool huh? This is some of the best recognition I've gotten ever! And no, I wasn't in trouble, I was on probation as a new member. Ya Hooo! So anyways, if you haven't read the room I'm talking about, it's about three or four posts down.

This was awesome too:

Jack <99> says 'then you're officially a better writer than i ever was/am and will be =P'

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