Monday, October 23, 2006 post

Well, since my last post quite a bit has happened. Along with trying to get my little scrapbooking business up and running, my computer had to be sent in to repair. Turns out, it did not take the seven days that Apple told me, it took 14. Of course with my computer luck, more problems ensued after I got it back. Computers do not tend to like me much.

I went to the local YMCA to try to get a scrapbooking program started. That did not turn out as well as I hoped. The woman I talked to was very pleasant and excited about scrapbooking, but did not realize that it does get expensive. Her program had 150+ kids in it so that was not going to work out well for either of us. Something good did happen out of this though. The coordinator also runs a Black and Latino program, which sounds like it's taking off. After she found out that I graduated with an English degree, she was interested to know if I would like to help with getting a bi-weekly newsletter running. I was ecstatic to say the least. Although it would be on a volunteer basis, I see this as a great experience building opportunity for my future editing career. She said that she wanted me to work as an editor for all the high school kids who would be writing it! I was very excited. We sat for a good hour thinking of all the segments and articles that we could do. I would be the one helping them get it all together and teach them how to report and write well. On top of that, she said that there are a lot of volunteers and they might be interested in scrapbooking. I also expect to meet a lot of new friends, as I do not have to many out here yet. It does get a little lonely sometimes.

Along with my unexpected foot forward for my editing career, I had my first Get Together last week. I was so nervous and stressed out that I broke out in pimples. The whole thing went pretty well for my first presentation. I just cannot wait for all this to be over and to have a loyal clienttell base. My leader said that the first year would be the hardest, but to try to work hard. I think that when I come back from the holidays and have a full-time job, I will be a little more at ease. With a steady income I don't think that I'll be so anxious to get clients. Hopefully since I will not be stressing out about it I will be able to get clients with a snap. Wishful thinking, but it will be easier when I'm not feeling so pressured.

Besides all this, with all of my scheming to get jobs from home I've been taken by two scams. Well one scam and one "job" that is pretty much a scam in my eyes. I found a posting on Craigslist for a typist. The ad said that they needed someone to type up ads and that people would give me their information to type up. I thought that it was a legitimate ad, but I had my dad and boyfriend check it out too. After they thought it was okay, I sent in my $14 and got my training information. Well, that was a bust. What they wanted me to do was send out the same kind of ad that I responded to. I was not going to trick people into something that I fell for. I tried to contest the purchase, but that did not work. I deleted the information and have sworn off 'from home' jobs forever. I was not going to lead people to fall for dirty tricks. So now, I'm just going to have to find a job outside of the home. For now it is hard because I'm going out of town for a month and a half and do not have a car. At least I know that the scrapbooking is not a scam. Lesson learned: do not fall for easy money.

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