Friday, March 28, 2008


I've come to a conclusion that if I'm going to do this Advanced Project and Thesis I'm going to have to stay sane. So I'm going to start gardening once the weather gets a little better. Edward said that astronauts found themselves tending their gardens a lot when they were stressed out up there in space. If it worked for them, it'll work for me. I've already noticed as my stress level rises I've been blogging more to try to keep my mind off of things/procrastinate. At least you guys get to hear from me more often, although I'm beginning to think its a bit of overkill. I also think I've been posting more now because I've been waking up earlier, which gives me a lot more time than I had before. I just find that I'm a lot more tired or have to depend on coffee and exercise to stay awake. Exercise is good, but I've been getting caffeine headaches too.

Edward and I are going to build a planter or two so that I can have a nice little place to dig around in. I was going to do it myself, but then he said that he would help me. I was very happy when he said that. I figured the he's always so busy now-a-days that he wouldn't have time to help me build something that could just be a phase. I think he likes building and fixing things, so hopefully it'll make the both of us happier and more relaxed. Hopefully we can do it in the beginning of April since some of the seeds I bought need to be planted then. I was originally going to dig up the grass that the landlords put in, but it looks like the grass is growing on a thin layer of dirt that is piled on top of the cement. So we're going to build little 5x5 planter(s) so that I can have something nice out there.

Last night Edward and I couldn't fall asleep and were trying to figure out how to make a little garden for me. He said that he wanted carrots because he used to eat them out of the ground when he was little. He also said that his daddy had some potatoes that he would go dig up every few weeks to look at. I told him that I only wanted flowers because I didn't want to be disappointed if my vegetables didn't grow, but I bought him carrots anyway. I didn't get any potatoes since I'm a impatient and it seems that potatoes take a long time to grow.

Today in my excitement and anticipation I went back out to Lowe's and purchased more seeds.

Carrot (for Edward)
Brussels Sprouts (for me)
Jalapeno Pepper
Long Thin Cayenne Pepper

Sunflower (mixed colors)
Sunflower (Ebony and gold)

I really wanted strawberries, but couldn't find them. I think after looking at the flower seeds I got I'm going to plant them in little pots and planters so that we can have them on our deck. I think that they will brighten our days to see them when we leave the house everyday. We'll have our "crops" in the planter.

I also purchased two packs of Thyme to send home to Julie. She said that she couldn't find them anywhere. It's funny that dismally urban Troy, NY has seeds that agriculturally based Davis doesn't.

Also, my Sweet Basil sprouted today! Yay! I had lost hope! Maybe they knew that I was going to try to transplant basil in their place so they thought that they should make an appearance. I bet it's glad that I didn't put it out in the snow today. It had been nice the last few days so I thought that Spring was definitely on its way, but I was wrong. It snowed about four inches today. Boo.

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