Saturday, March 22, 2008

Herbs: Day 5

There is still no sign of anything herb growth. Today Emmy was trying to look out the window that they are stationed under and accidentally knocked Lavender over. I yelled for my unborn plants and she skittered away. After righting the planter I inspected it to see if there was any damage done. It doesn't look like it, but if Lavender doesn't grow, we'll know why.

I was in the grocery store the other day looking at more plant seeds and noticed that the Basil packages said that germination takes 5-10 days. Since we're (the soil and I) are only on day five I'm hoping that something will start sprouting soon. After reading all of Julie's posts about her sunny garden I'm feeling a little jealous and out of sorts for my little pots of soil. I keep telling them how Auntie Julie's garden looks very nice and that they should grow. I made up a little growing song for them, which oddly sounds a lot like the songs I sing to Emmy. Hopefully they will sprout soon.

It's still not warm enough to put them outside. It was nice and sunny today and I wanted to put them out there to encourage them to grow, but Edward said that it was pointless since they're still underground. I'm beginning to think that I'm too impatient to have a garden. Even though seeds are much cheaper than little transplants, I think that maybe I should have started with those.

On the up side, if my herbs grow, I'm motivated enough to turn over the soil in our back yard and plant flowers. Of course we'll have to fence it off so that Emmy doesn't do her business over there, but I'm willing to do that. Edward doesn't think that the soil is very deep so it hopefully it won't be too much work. He said that he thinks that the landlords just threw some dirt on the ground and planted grass. We'll see when the time comes. I don't like the bugs that come with flowers. Last year we had huge bumble bees (you might remember the pictures I had of the one that Emmy pulled off her belly. I had stacked a jar and a bunch of cans around it) and I don't really want them to come back. I just really like to have flowers in the house, but don't see the point in buying them from the store.

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