Saturday, March 22, 2008


The program that I'm working with currently at the YMCA isn't going to be running this summer because the grant didn't come through. So my boss said that she would have to "terminate" us and then pick us back up in September when the grant for the school year begins. After hearing this I've been looking for another job for the summer. St. Rose has a few secretarial jobs open and a local health care/hospital center also has a position open. I was thinking of applying to these but then yesterday a friend at the Y asked me to be the "Assistant Summer Camp Director". He said that I probably wouldn't be getting paid much, but he'd feel better about being director if I was there to help him. So I've been weighing my options. I really want to be able to say on my resume that I've worked somewhere for at least two years. If I switch jobs now, the I won't be able to work anywhere for that long until I get back home. I think that having some secretarial experience will help me since the life of a writer isn't very excited career wise. With secretarial I will probably get benefits and paid more. If I can get a job at St. Rose then I might even get some tuition paid for. But then what about my two years? The Y is much closer to our apartment and the job title is a lot more impressive at than secretarial. Also, once school starts again I'll have my position as Site Director back as well as the flexible hours. If I'm in secretarial then I'll be working full time, which might suck with school. Plus, at the Y they let me go home for the month December.

In the long run I think that secretarial might be the better choice, but I'm still not sure. The title positions that I hold at the Y are more impressive than a secretarial assistant, but I'm not sure how much future employers will look at that. Geez, I'm not sure what to do. Maybe since I'm thinking about starting my Advance Project next semester so that I can write a Thesis I should stick with the job at the Y. What do you all think?

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The Bowers! said...

I think you should definitely stick with the Y for the job. Having a secretarial job will only allow you to do someone else's work--like filing and answering phone calls. You do that stuff probably anyway but for your OWN projects. Employers will generally only look at the title of the jobs listed on your resume--trust me, keeping a job at the Y that will give you a great title, a long-term employment record, and some responsibility will be beneficial down the road. Besides, flexibility on a job is INVALUABLE. Stick with it, you're a great role model for all your kids, too.