Monday, March 24, 2008

My long day

I got so much work done today I’m very proud of myself. So now I’m giving myself a break and watching Dancing With the Stars. Let me run through my day for everyone so that you guys know how much I accomplished today.

First of all, I woke up at 9 15am! Can you believe it?! Last night I didn’t feel like my Sunday night ritual of preparing all of our dinners for the week. So I had to wake up early to do it all so that I could meet a friend for coffee at 11 30. I managed to get dinner started for tonight as well as prepare all of our meals for the week. At 11 30 I went flying out of the house to meet my friend.

By 1 00 I was at work…even though I didn’t really need to be there. The kids only had half a day for Easter so I didn’t have to do program, which was nice. I decided to go into the Y anyway so that I could get some paper work done and print out some stuff for class. (I print my stuff at work to save our paper and ink cartridges.) I actually got work done at work too! The last time I was in the office I wrote that long blog last week, but today I did this flyer that Carol wanted me to do and made my calendar for the rest of the year. It was all done in an hour, so now you know why I go in just to write my blog. Writing my blog actually takes me longer than doing the work that they pay me for.

I rushed out of work at 2 10 so that I could drop off my resume at Seton Health (a little doctor’s office/hospital down the street from the Y) and then to school. I should have thought about it before I drove 20 minutes out to St. Rose. Everything was closed because of Easter. So I got back in my car and drove back home by 3 15 so that Edward could use my car to go right back out to Albany. Last night I talked to my Baba and he thought that I should try to apply for secretarial jobs since most of them offer full time and benefits. Of course Daddy and Edward had the same line of thought, where as Mommy, Julie, and Juni think that I should stay at the Y. I wasn’t going to apply anywhere until Edward said that if I didn’t then I’d be loosing either way because I wouldn’t know if I could get another job or not. I guess the word “loose” did it for me. So I sat down and updated my cover letter and addressed some resumes to deliver. I’ll have to go back to St. Rose on Friday since I get out of class too late to turn it in on an actual school day. Hopefully I’ll hear from Seton Health soon so that I can get back to my friend about the summer camp thing. I think it’d be best if I stayed at the Y, but I thought I’d try anyways. I just hope that my friend doesn’t give away that position while I’m trying to decide.

Okay on with the day. After I got home I had an egg salad sandwich because I was starving and jittery from my two cups of coffee. On Friday I had cracked down and written my Renaissance Lit. midterm so that I could have my prof edit it. Last midterm I didn’t do well at all. I was shocked to say the least. So I had to make sure that I got his feedback so that I do well this time. After he emailed it back to me I was like, oh my gosh I have so much work ahead of me. I didn’t feel like doing it last night so I tackled it this afternoon. I think it is WAY better now. It makes so much more sense. I had totally read Aristotle’s The Politics incorrectly. Hopefully my grade will be better this time. I’m pretty much done with it, but I want to give it a night to rest before I submit it tomorrow by midnight.
After I did my midterm, I did my two responses to my Information Age class. These are responses that I really dislike doing. They’re just so tedious. I like getting feedback myself, but when you’re required to post it is definitely not fun. We basically have to do four posts a week for that class. I write so many discussion board/blog posts for my classes it’s no wonder that I fall behind on my personal family blog. I was feeling quite good after I did my responses so I went to do my reading for the class. I’m not sure how I feel about the website that we had to read. The content was really, really cool, but the navigation was really difficult. The website was called Mark Amerika if you’re interested. Don’t look at it during work, or at least keep the sound off. I thought that it had some really good ideas. Here are a few quotes that I thought were particularly good.

“Perception itself has now become terrorized.”

“The World News propaganda machine pounds me with its social hammer.”

“I am corrupt body corrupting other corrupt bodies.”

By this time, my stomach started grumbling all weird and my shoulders were in knots. At first I thought it was my caffeine overload crashing, but then I think it might have been the egg salad. Our mayo had expired a year ago but it smelled normal so we used it. That might have been a mistake. I can see you guys cringing right now. Yeah, I better throw that away. Anyway, I tried to make the best of it and read most of the play for Renn. Lit called A Christian Turned Turk. I wasn’t looking forward to it because the first six scenes were about selling slaves and totally boring, but then it turned out to be pretty funny. I was so inspired that I was able to write my discussion board two days early! My prof hasn’t even opened a discussion forum for it yet. I was very proud of myself. Two things for Renn. Lit in one day. Whew.

We had some slow-cooker chili for dinner and now we’re watching Dancing With the Stars and I’m doing my blog. Okay, now that you’ve all read about my entire day, I’m going to sign off and go finish the Turk play and read Meridian by Alice Walker. I love Alice Walker so I’m looking forward to reading it. If her name sounds familiar to you it’s probably because you’ve heard the The Color Purple. Anyways, TTFN!

Oh! I have a new kitchen counter cleaning system. Originally I was using those Clorox and Lysol disposable wipes. Julie informed me that they are not biodegradable and then my friend Abby said that those things aren't really good to have around food. So then I started using the Lysol kitchen spray, but then I was using rolls and rolls of paper towel. So it's either not biodegradable or wasting wads of paper towel. I didn't want to go back to using a sponge since they're so germy. Then I came up with a plan. I'd use cloth towels and just label them and use one a day. Since I do laundry every week I think that my system will work. So now for $1 a towel I can feel as "green" as I possibly think to be. I figured since no one seems to want to see pictures without Emmy anymore, I had to put her in there too.

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