Saturday, March 29, 2008

I REALLY REALLY want these shoes

Today I sucked it up and returned those flower shoes from Target, but then when I was out at the mall I saw these Chinese Laundry shoes. They are sooooo cute. The site has them for $70 but at DSW they are selling for $50. I enjoy Chinese Laundry shoes very much. They are very comfortable in terms of high heels. Trust me, I know from experience. Some of them even have little pads where the balls of your feet go. Comfort is something that I've been looking for lately when I go shoe shopping, although it is difficult when I like four inch heels.

I think we all know that I'm a sucker for shoes and I'm caving on these. The only thing that's keeping me away from them is the 20 minute drive out to the mall. I had to literally talk to myself in the store and tell myself to leave so that I could meet Edward and the CS people for lunch. But now I keep thinking about them. The site has them in silver, which I like more, but I do where a lot of brown so gold will work too. *Sigh* And I thought doing my proposal was hard. Maybe I'll just work an extra hour every day this coming week so that I can justify buying these shoes. ...and wear them at least once.

Have you ever read Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella? I'm having a moment that is incredibly reminiscent of her Lilac and Clementine colored sandals. Ohh, while looking up the book for you all I found that the book is coming out as a movie in 2009. How exciting! I suggest checking out the series. It's very good. I haven't had time to read books 3-5? yet. I think there are five of them now. I'm not sure. Anyways, I feel like Rebecca Bloomwood right now.


I got the shoes today. I kept thinking about all of the different outfits that I could wear them with. Yesterday when I was at the store I was in such a rush that I didn't notice that they had the silver shoes also. It took me a while to decide what to do. I ended up with the gold ones since I liked them better. Plus, they're different. I felt like the silver would be too ordinary for shoes as awesome as these. Sadly, I think the shoes were the last things I thought about before I fell
asleep. Ah, I have a sick, sick addiction.

I also purchased somethings called "sure step" which are little rubber paddings that adhere to the bottom of your shoes so that you don't go sliding on slick floor. I haven't been wearing heels nearly as much as I used to because I've had too many near encounters with sliding into the splits. I'm not as flexible anymore, plus it would embarrassing to do that at work. The pads are basically that stuff that you see on stairs so that you don't fall down. I'm going to go out Home Depot or Lowe's to look for some and then make them myself. At $4 for a set of two I think I can put my craftiness/frugality to work. I am a Chin after all. We are crafty, crafty people.

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