Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Herbs: Day 8

Lavender has one tiny, tiny little sprout! I noticed it when I was putting the planters outside to get some sun. It's so small right now that it can easily be mistaken as plant food, but the food I got is white and orange. Maybe it was all of my singing and dancing around the planters. "You make me want to sprout! Throw my leaves up and sprout!" I was so excited I ran inside to get my camera. Emmy had no idea what was going on and was sliding around the wood floor.

See that tiny little green speck? There she is! Lavender Brown is her honorary name. (After the HP character) Sorry the picture is a little blurry. I think I got too close in my excitement to get a picture of her.

I devised a plan for my soil to get some sun and warmth while I was laying in bed this morning. I put the planters in plastic veggie bags that you get at the grocery store. This way the wind doesn't chill them down to much and they get some sun. It's much better than sitting on our living room floor in the dark. Plus, now that I have a seedling Lavender needs to have lots of sunlight. It's going to be a very good day. I was so excited that I had to call Mommy and tell her even though it was only 7 30am at home.

Sun makes everything better. I even have been waking up earlier. "Ah, the sun is shining. The tank is clean...THE TANK IS CLEAN!" Can anyone tell me where this quote is from?

Oregano and Thyme are sprouting too!


The Bowers! said...

Yay for germination! Okay, so once the plants have sprouted they will need sunshine for photosynthesis. Some plastics block UV light so the plants will not be able to survive. In college I did an experiment in a growth chamber/greenhouse thing and used that Press-N-Seal plastic wrap to cover my plants...and they turned yellow and died because it didn't let any of the "right" light in. So...you don't want to keep them under the plastic too much once you see green.

I bought some of that thick plastic fabric (like people use to cover couches) from WM to make my greenhouse shelving unit...it seems to let UV light in since all my plants are fine. You might buy a couple yards of it (it is only like $1/yard) and lay that over the top of each planter to keep them warm.

(Sorry for the looooooooooong comment!)

The Bowers! said...

P.S. I'm jealous that your oregano came up. Mine didn't! And I couldn't find any thyme seeds in Davis at all.