Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And I'm back!

Thank God. I made it through finals--three giant papers! Anyway, I got my grades and came out with two A-'s and a B, which is great. So I raised my cumulative GPA from 3.41 to 3.45. Haha, big difference. I'm just glad that I passed everything. Now that grades are in I can breathe a little easier. Since I last did a informational post a lot has happened. I planted my flowers (which are now beginning to sprout), my cauliflower and brussels sprouts plants are getting huge, Edward went to Rochester for a business thing, he graduated, his family came to see us, I flew home and back, and Christopher turned 16. Whew!

Okay, where shall I about I go in the order that I listed. About a week and a half ago I planted my flower seeds that I had been holding on to since the beginning of April. It's a good thing I put them out of my line of sight because I would have been tempted to plant them early. Now some of my sunflowers are starting to make an appearance through the dirt. They're nothing much to look at right now, but I'm hoping that they will be. We have lots of bumble bees around our house, but I'm hoping they will also attract some honey bees as well. They're a pain to have around, but with the bee deficit and all, I'm willing to deal with it. This is my personal effort for saving the bee population, though I don't know if they like sunflowers or not.

Next, my veggies and herbs are looking great. Julie said that I have should thin out my vegetables, so I think I'll do that in the next day or two. I went outside to take pictures of the plants for this blog and started sneezing. I was only out there for like two minutes. So tomorrow I'm going to take allergy stuff before I head out there. If I wasn't so afraid of bugs, I'd weed our overgrown grass area. But there are so many weeds and bugs, not to mention Emmy's poop, that I don't want to go over there.

I'll clump all of the Ed stuff together. Last week, which seems so long ago now, he had to go to Rochester for some conference that Judd (his business partner) insisted that he had to go to. According to Edward, it was a complete waste of time. On Wednesday I rushed home from work, went to a friend's surprise birthday party, said surprise and then ran out to pick him up from the Amtrak station and then went back with Edward in tow. After the party we went to pick up his family from the airport. Needless to say I've been a bit frazzled, but in a good way. We were happy to have Edward's family here. I only got to see them for like a day before I headed out to the airport myself. The day that we were all together we went Letter Boxing, which is like a little treasure hunt.... I think it's called letter boxing. Anyway, we did that in Uncle Sam's cemetery. I went to work following that, then we went to the mall where I didn't spend any money! It was great...although Julie and Mrs. Levie did buy me stuff from Borders and Williams Sonoma, but I'm not counting those things.

After I left, Edward graduated from RPI. I don't really have any pictures. The ones that Julie took are so small you can barely see him on the screen (like our undergrad pictures). But he graduated and I'm very proud of him.

On Friday I flew home for Christopher's bday. I got so sick on the last leg of my flight because I ate Burger King during my layover. I guess my body isn't used to that kind of junk anymore. The poor guy next to me had to sit there while I puked into the doggy bag. It was gross. When I finally did get home I went out to the market at 1am with my friend Shanna so that I could get her food to cook. I don't know if I posted out plan. She was going to give me a massage and I was going to make her lunch for the week. We were working on the barter system so we didn't feel like we were spending money. I think I got the better end of the deal, but she thinks that she did. Hahah so it worked out perfectly. On my trip home, I also got a couple of Coach purses from my Auntie Mary.
Edward probably rolled his eyes when I told him, but I love them anyway. Thank you Auntie Mary! While home Christopher and I also made my mom a belated mother's day dinner. We had Bruchetta for appetizers, Linguine with Seafood for the main course, and Key Lime pie from Marie Calendar's for dessert. I thought Christopher how to make the Bruchetta so now he can impress his future girlfriends. Heheh.

Now I'm back in the 518 and it's not so bad. Once I get back on routine I think things will be even easier. I just hate leaving home and sending people home (Ed's family was still here when I got back). Julie and I were dreaming about opening a resturant. I thought we'd do it in Davis, but she wants to do it here. For now it's just a fantasy, but I guess it's logical to try out here first since the cost of living is cheaper. If it fails then at least we didn't go to the poor house like we probably would in CA. I don't know though. I want to come home and if we start out here the I'm afraid that we'll get stuck out here. I hate having to choose between what I want and what is good for me because usually I go for what is good for me, which in this case means staying out here. At least Josie is six hours away. It's all talk right now though, so no one panic...yet.

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