Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good and bad news

I've been putting off writing about my summer job situation because it's messy and too sticky for me to think about all of the time. I'll try to sum it up quickly though. I was very excited about being the Assistant Summer Camp Director, but then the exec wasn't to sure about me working with the kids because of our run-in last September. Things worked out, but then I found out from our 21st Century director (not Carol) that we would probably be having the summer camp, which meant that I would have a job with 21st Century like I wanted...except now I was committed to Child Care. Argh! Carol! She told me that the grant was done and we weren't having any program so I went looking for another position. For the summer camp I would be working with a friend of mine who I worked with last summer in 21st Century. The 21st Century boss sounded like she wanted me to be the director for our summer program, but I wasn't sure how that was going to work. So today I went to the Child Care director with a question and she was the one who informed me that I wasn't doing the summer camp anymore. My own boss hasn't even told me yet! So she let me off the hook. Anyway, so when the grant came through the exec told Carol that she'd pull me, which is fine. But then I had to go to my friend to tell him that I wasn't working with him. Well, I guess I didn't have to tell him because he already knew, but I didn't want to not tell him in person. When I told him he didn't seem happy, but he knew what was coming when I approached him. The thing that gets me is that he said that the Child Care director told him that I went to her to say that I wasn't doing the program. I was like No! I haven't talked to her since the interview and that the exec told Carol that she was going to pull me. So I told him that I definitely didn't tell her that and that I was letting Carol and the Child Care director handle it. Hopefully he believes me. Oh well. Shanna very wisely told me to "get over it".

I'm very happy that I get to do the 21st Century summer camp since I know the staff, kids and the program already. So that's my good news. The drama is the bad.

The other good news that I have is that I finally got off my butt and emailed the owner of Market Block Books about meeting her to learn about what she does. She was a publisher in NYC for a long time and then she opened her own book houses and publishing company. Edward keeps pointing out that if I don't make the best of my resources here then I'll never make it, especially since it's not very competitive around here. After coming out of my "funk" last week, I finally got her email address from Judd. She responded right away and now I'm going to meet with her next Monday! We already have a lot in common. She loves books and the smell of them. I told her in my initial email that I'd bring a very nice smelling book when I met her. I think that I got my friend Cassie into smelling books, but I don't know many other people who love the smell of libraries and book stores. If you want to start smelling books I highly suggest it. It's therapeutic. I'd start with just smelling the paper at the Sanrio store. That's where I found my love for the smell of paper. Heheh. Anywho, so far I'm having a good day. We have a field trip to Laser Tag in about 15 minutes so I'm very excited. Those kids are going down!

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The Bowers! said...

I am so glad to hear that your job situation took a turn for the better--you got what you wanted!

"I told her in my initial email that I'd bring a very nice smelling book when I met her." This is my favorite sentence EVER. I also love the smell of books and libraries, etc. Dirt smells wonderful, too. You should smell some!