Saturday, May 31, 2008

This week's menu

While Edward is watching the Stanley Cup finals I sat down and studied the Price Chopper ad. When I say studied, I really mean studied. I had my head down and was looking at all of the fine print. Although the economist on the news said that this is the most cost efficient way to grocery shop, my list looks awfully long. I'll give it a try though. I'm all into grilling this week because Foodnetwork has been doing Bobby Flay's Thrill of the Grill this whole month. Obviously I'm easily influenced by TV.

This is the plan for this week:

Sunday: Swordfish steak burgers with Balsamic glaze and grilled pineapple.

Ocean Perch with dill and southwestern style cranberry relish--This is definitely an experiment for me. I'm not sure how the cranberry will be, but it sounds tasty. I figured I'd put the relish on the side in cause it ruins the fish.

Zesty couscous salad with shrimp skewers--Julie recommended this salad so I thought we'd give it a try. I'm going to grill the shrimp. They're 10/$10. The minimum is 2 oz. but I figured if 4 skewers were less than 2 oz I'd get 6 or something. You can never have too much shrimp! Plus I think that shrimp is pretty easy to freeze. Hmmm....maybe I should stock up on the skewers to have for the next few weeks. Although, a lot of places that sell shrimp have defrosted the shrimp already and since Troy is pretty far inland I have a feeling that our shrimp was previously frozen. Unless you're right on the coast most store bought shrimp is comes frozen even if it isn't when you buy it. The boats that they come on freeze them pretty much when they catch them. Alton Brown says that it is perfectly fine, but refreezing defrosted shrimp might be risky. I've always been told you shouldn't refreeze defrosted stuff (I'm not sure why), but I don't want to chance it. Maybe I'll just get 4 skewers.

Wednesday: Mommy's Pork Ribs--I asked for this recipe a while back, but now that it's grilling season I can actually do it. I'm very excited because her ribs are really good. I'm glad my mom is such a good cook.

BBQ'd Korean style sirloin steak

As I said before, Friday and Saturday are left up for grabs. I have my end of the year 21st Century picnic on Thursday so chances are that I'll do the steak on Friday. I'm very excited to see if I spend less tomorrow when I do my weekly shopping. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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The Bowers! said...

Ummmm....I think you're spoiling my brother. Careful, now, you might have to start making all my dinners, too. It all sounds sooooooooo good and I'm sure it will taste soooooooooo good cause you're a gooooooooood cook! =o)