Saturday, May 24, 2008

Baby Shower prep

As many of you know, I'm helping plan my friend Melanie's baby shower. Since I'm all the way out here, I took pictures of all of the ducky stuff at Michael's to show her. It's easier to make captions with the blog than in an email...I'm not even sure if captions are an option in an email.

Melanie, these are candy trays. The friend that I went with said that if we didn't want to make chocolates, these would also make cute ice cube trays. Wouldn't that be cute!?! I can't remember how much these were exactly, but they weren't that expensive.

These little bags were on sale for $0.60. There were only a few, but I thought that if you could find them in your Michaels too, these would be nice to put the favors in. The bows were also where on sale so I thought I'd take a picture of them too. If you like either of these let me know quick so that I can go back and get them before they are all gone.

I REALLY like these little ducks. They come prepainted and are only $0.59! I thought that these could be little name plates for all of the guests. They can take it home afterwards. The little duckies were cute to, but I didn't really have a specific idea for them. Perhaps we can hot glue them onto the favors? I think these would be fun and easy to incorporate into the party favors and decorations.

Okay I took pictures of these so that you know that baby feet are available. Maybe we can combine the ducky theme and the baby feet theme? ...I was in the scrapbooking section, but tried to breeze through. I did spend a little more than I wanted, but I did a nice quick project that will make a friend of ours very happy for about $5. I'll post those pictures at the end.

I took lots of pictures of stamps so that you can see if you like any. I'd really like to make your invitations for you. I looked and the invitation cards are like $4. We can choose different colors, but I think the white will probably be the cheapest. Once I stamp it, I can color them in myself. They look really nice when they're done. You should see the cards that my aunts make. They look awesome and people appreciate them more because they were hand made.

These stamps were only $1 for each set so I couldn't resist. Unfortunately they don't stamp as cleanly as I'd like, but I'm going to try to glue them onto a wood block and try to stamp them again. My mom suggested that I print something out on the computer and paste it inside the invite also. I think that'd be a good idea because I have bad hand writing and it would just look nice and clean. The invitations would be clean and simple, but very cute and personal. What do you think? Can you tell I'm trying to sell you on letting me make the cards for you? The sweet pea stamp was also only $1, but it was the only real stamp that I got. The others are little rubber things that don't have blocks for easy stamping (that's why I'm going to try again). I'll let you know if they turn out. I also already had a couple of presents stamps...lots of stars too if you want to go in that direction.

Last, this is the little project that I picked up for our friend Lauren. She's starting an internship with Disney in a couple of days. I bought the journal for $1 and then added the Snow White scrapbooking embellishment to the bottom. I just covered up the red rose with Snow, which turned out really well in my opinion. Then I put princess stickers on every page. Those were just the sticker sheets that have like 25 stickers a sheet for little kids. So for about $5 I was able to give her a personalized gift that wasn't at normal Disney prices! I am very proud of myself.

Melanie, let me know what you think of all of this stuff minus the journal. I'm definitely pushing for homemade invitations and those little ducky name plates. I haven't thought of any prizes for games yet, but we could make some out of those tiny ducks if we don't put them on the favors. We can put them on little notebooks or something. I haven't gone to Joann's yet, but it's right out by BJ's Wholesale where I have to get gas and propane for our grill. Maybe I'll be able to go out there this weekend some time.

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