Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baby shower stuff

I was very excited when Melanie gave the okay to make her invitations. Here is the finished product. I also made thank you cards to go with the invitations and put together some name tags.

Last night I sat at our coffee table with Food Network on and worked on 25 of these cards. I went through and did everything one step at a time. So I stamped 25 baby carriages, colored them, cut them out etc. Repetition! I know there is a smudge from the stamp, but this was my tester invitation. Hopefully we don't end up having to use it.

This is the invitation envelope. Even though we're going with a ducky theme, I wanted to put the butterfly on there to reflect Melanie's personality. She likes butterflies like I like stars. Hehe.

These are the thank you cards and their envelopes. They're nice and simple, but they match the invitations, which I thought was pretty nifty.

These are the name tags. I think we're going to put these at the door and have people write their own names on them as they come in. I got these ducks for 59 cents each and then just hot glued two magnets onto the back. This way no one's clothes are ruined by pins and they can use their name tags as magnets later on. I cleaned the bin out, so not all of the ducks are perfectly painted, but hey, they were only 59 cents. Plus I don't think that people will care enough to really notice. Not everyone is as picky as I am. I hope that the magnets hold on tight enough. Sometimes hot glue can be finicky. I'm actually short about 6 ducks, so I think I'm going to have to go back to get more in a month or so...once I know they're restocked.

For my family: These wood die cut things come in lots of cool shapes. You guys should make magnets for your fridge.

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