Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Milani: INFINITE Liquid Eye Liner


This is the best liquid liner I've tried to date.  After my Avon liner started to get a little funky, I was searching for another liquid liner with a brush.  Many brands are moving towards the felt tip pen applicator, which I find to be a little rough on my eyelids.  I tried the LineExact Liquid Liner a while back and hated it.  What a waste of money.  The Milani INFINITE Liquid Eye Liner, however is a different story.  I purchased a plain old dark brown for about $7.00.

The brush isn't exactly pointy, but you can still get a nice thin line.  I was a little surprised that the product right out of the package seemed a little sticky like it was old.  I considered returning it before even trying, but decided to give it a shot first.  I love it.  Not only is it very pigmented, it stays put.  I also tried the matching pencil liner, but I found that when I used it to tightline it smudged onto my contact lens, which made it very difficult to see.   If I ever get Lasik, I will definitely be repurchasing the pencil because I really enjoyed the dark pigmentation and the smooth glide during application.  Anyway, back to the liquid line.  They weren't kidding when they said it is waterproof.  Usually I use a baby wipe to take off my makeup.  They're easy, inexpensive, come in a variety of softness, come in an easy to access plastic container, and get the job done.  This liner wouldn't budge when I tried get it off.  I had to get the full blown makeup remover out to get it off.

After wearing it a few times now, it just keeps getting better.  I don't worry about it smudging at all if I'm having allergy eyes.  Today I ventured into the winged out look.  I tend to touch the corners of my eyes a lot because they're always itchy or I get something under my contact.  Contacts are the bane of my existence.  They give me so many problems.   I've never done the winged look because of this.  I don't want a wing on one eye and have it worn off on the other.  I had zero problems today.  I have a feeling I won't be looking for alternatives after find this one!

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