Saturday, September 30, 2006

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This week I met with a woman at RPI's family housing to talk to her about a free scrap booking program. To my surprise she had actually heard of Creative Memories before and was enthusiastic about it. Our meeting only lasted about fifteen minutes, but I got myself a gig at the community center hosting a get together. Residence Life is sponsoring the program so I don't even have to put out fliers, which is good because no one is responding to the ones I posted. The day that we have scheduled isn't until mid-October so I still have to work hard to find people who would be interested in memory books, but at least I have some hope now. I have to admit, if you couldn't tell, that I was beginning to become discouraged.

After doing nothing for a day, I remembered how lazy and boring things get when you do not want to assert yourself. As a result, I got myself motivated and prepared a list of places that I want to visit on Monday. Taking time to revisit my goals and plan out a strategy looks like something that I’ll have to keep doing to keep my little engine running. I did not spend four years in college to waste away on the couch watching TV.

So if you're feeling a little in the dumps like I was, try taking time to relax and recharge. Get your goals back in sight and try again. As New Found Glory says "Failure's not flattering."

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you getting on track.