Monday, July 14, 2008

Good Morning Baltimore!

Every weekday morning I've been walking up at 7am to drink my coffee before getting to work at 8am. Since I'm way too tired to blog at night, I thought that I could try to blog in the morning like I used to when I was able to watch It's Me or the Dog.

Anyway, as I said before, we've been crock potting our meals. Well, this week I'm trying to actually cook. Last week I found that if I took even the shortest of naps I wouldn't be able to sleep in the evening. When I tried to stay awake it was very difficult. So this week, while I wait for Ed to come home from work, I'm going to move around the kitchen. Hopefully that way I can stay awake after I get home. Although I get home at around 3 45pm, I'm hoping I don't fall asleep before dinner time.

After a very difficult week (I don't want to talk about it), I felt that I deserved a shopping day. I went out to TJ Maxx and spent quite a bit of money, but got a lot for it. I got new pillows since ours were so flat that I would end up sleeping directly on the bed and not even realize that I wasn't on my pillow. I also got us some really nice paisley sheets. I really like the mature look of Garnet Hill linens, but they are way to expensive for me. So for $40 I bought a nice set of blue and green sheets. I also found a brown paisley duvet that was only $13! I had to get it as a winter duvet. Even though the white one that we have right now brightens the room when there are 10 inches of snow outside, I'd like to have a little change once in a while. I put the new sheets on and we were quite thrown off when we got in. They felt slippery and kind of like silk even though they are cotton. When I was telling a friend about them he asked what the thread count was. I was like, I don't know...I just liked the pattern. Well, it turns out that they are 310 thread count, which is probably why we felt like we were in a hotel and not our bed.

Moving on. I also got a really cute black waitress style dress, jeans that actually fit my expanding body, and vans slip ons that I've been wanting for ages. The dress was red tagged at $16 when the rest were $20 because there was a little something on it. I took a wet paper towel and it came right off. The jeans were $20 for American Eagle brand and the shoes were $17 when they are usually $40. I feel like I made out pretty well. I was very excited. I know I told Melanie that I could wait 6 months before buying another pair of shoes, but I had to get these. They have stars on them and I've been wanting them for months! It was fate. They weren't the color that I wanted, but I'll live with it. They were more than half off! Anyways, it's 7 48 and I have to be at work at 8. I have to go. I'll have to come back and edit this post for mistakes and add pictures and links for you all. Bye!

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