Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rachael Ray's noodle bowl

This noodle bowl recipe was sooooooooooo good! It was also very easy. On 30 Minute Meals she said that if you can't find seafood stock that you can use a whole bottle of clam juice. This is what I had to do. Man, this was yummy. Yummo! Since I don't like scallions I left out the garnish. It was so good I can't get over it. Just the scent of the broth reminded me of Chinese restaurants and home. You can use dried Shiitake mushrooms, but I used fresh because I didn't have any. Remember, never eat Shiitakes raw because they are poisonous in their raw state...or that's what I've heard.

If you are like my friend Melanie and don't like seafood, the shrimp and seafood stock can be replaced by chicken. I bet you could even use beef if you wanted. I highly suggest this meal. It's so good.

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The Bowers! said...

Looks good...I wish I could smell it through my computer! I'll bring you a baggie of those dried mushrooms. I bought a GIANT bag of them at Costco a while ago. They are super delicious.