Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Not as perky

This morning I'm not nearly as perky as I was yesterday morning. I probably should ride my bike, but I really don't want to . My friend who is in charge of the other summer camp was like "I'm disappointed that you only rode it one day!" I was like "I rode it here on days when I had to do the planning. So that's five times!" He also made fun of me because I couldn't remember what a Jamaican beef patty was called and called it a Jamaican hot pocket. He got a good laugh out of that. This is the guy I was supposed to be the assistant before they moved me to 21st Century.

Since my boss has been MIA for about three weeks to my chagrin, the exec has been so much nicer to me. I think she finally realized that I was doing all the work for the Youth and Teen center. My boss came back yesterday and my number 2 said that he thought that she felt out of the loop. I was like "Good! She better!" She's been gone for three weeks for heaven's sake. She had the gall to say to me yesterday that I don't smile anymore. I was thinking, no I smile, just not around you! She's the cause of a lot of people's problems at the Y, me included. I think that I'm going to start complaining soon since the exec is being so much nicer. I doubt that I will be at the Y very much longer (cross your fingers) so that I can go work at that awesome book store. I just need to email the owner and ask her when the best time to apply is since I still plan to take off to come home in December. I'm not sure if she is tolerant of extended periods of vacation. I know that she works with students quite a bit, but I think most of them are from around here. I'll have to just ask her.

Anyways, as I said in my last tiny post, my posts will be going unedited for the next few weeks. I found that yesterday even though it was pretty easy, I was exhausted. Plus after I talked to my mom for about 2.5 hours I just didn't really want to go back to edit or walk around taking pictures of all of my purchases. I'm just lucky that I'm getting back into blogging. I'm afraid falling off the blogging wagon again.

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