Sunday, July 06, 2008

Work Smwork

Well, tomorrow my real summer begins. I'll be up at 7am to get to get to work at 8am. I have my bike all ready to go and plan to get my lunch and backpack all ready before I go to bed. Just like going to school! On the upside, we had an awesome 4th of July party. It was actually a party! Meaning people got drunk and didn't leave at 10pm. It could have helped that one of my friend from work came and she's a hoot, but I also think since we bbqed real food (not burgers or hot dogs). Anyways, I had a blast.

Today we saw Wall-E and went out to dinner with some of the CS people. I'm going to do my nails and soak in tv while I still have energy. It's back to crock pot days for us tomorrow. My Sunday prep is all complete and now all we have to do is dump it in. Yay!

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