Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pig Out here we come!

We're going to go downtown today to the Pig Out which is a NY state BBQ competition. Today is the street fair tasting, but tomorrow is the big competition. I'm excited for all of the pulled pork and brisket. Hopefully I see people I recognize from all of the the barbecue challenges I watch on Foodnetwork. I also think that it'll be nice going with Edward since we never really go anywhere alone anymore. Unfortunately, they don't allow dogs so Emmy will have to stay home by herself.

Here is a little video of her chewing on her weekly marrow bone. It keeps her teeth clean and her breath smelling neutral. After this mess, I had to wash the duvet cover, but it was worth it. She is just too cute.

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The Bowers! said...

Emmydoos is soooooooooo cute when she is shaved! She looks naked! Dave and I just watched the video together...we miss our niece.