Saturday, July 26, 2008

Georgia here we come!

All of our bags are packed and we're just about ready to go. Julie and Davie are at the airport and will be arriving in Chattanooga at around 3:45 EST. We won't be arriving until tomorrow some time and will be staying in a hotel on the way down. We originally wanted to leave last night (Friday) but we thought that it would be to hectic with me getting off work and then having to drive 8 hours. It worked out well because I was able to come home and make about a thousand plus Emmy treats to share with her cousins and grandma doggy, Georgia, and then finish packing and doing chores that I don't want to do when we come back. Emmy is all bathed and her crate, bed, and frisbee are ready to go. I think that she'll have fun with Georgia. I just hope that she is a good girl because Georgia is pretty old.

This is a milestone in my life for two reasons: 1. I'm meeting Ed's extended family for more than the three minutes I talked to them at Julie's wedding 2. I've never been on such a long car ride.

As we embark on this great event in my life, I've prepared (in English major fashion) plenty of entertainment for the ride down. I put Ender's Game, Speaker of the Dead, and Xenocide by Orson Scott Card, Life of Pi by Yann Martel, and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. Yes, these are all audio books. I tried to download books from the Troy Library's website because I was totally stoked that you can check out audio books out online, but it was extremely complicated and not user/Allison friendly. So after about an hour of trying to be perfectly legal and patient, I gave up and downloaded it on my favorite bit torrent.

Hasta La Vista! We're off on our next great adventure!

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