Thursday, September 11, 2008

No time!

Okay, so I know that I haven't been on that much to blog. I'm just so swamped with school! I have to have at least the first chapter of my advanced project (AP) emailed to my adviser and peers by Saturday and I have about two pages written. I think there are seven pages in total with the preface, but that's not a whole lot considering I had all summer. To my defense, I was reading the giant list of books that I was assigned...though there was quite a bit of vegging on the sofa in front of the Food Network. Hey, it was the summer.

For now I'm just trying to stay on top of all the reading and writing I have to do. I have a full short story to turn in next Thursday that I'm not looking forward to. I just finished (like 10 minutes ago) a two paged annotation on a story that I've read every semester since I started at St. Rose. I started writing on this story called Girl by Jamaica Kincaid, but I only had about two paragraphs of BS to say about it. It's not really a story in form, but I guess experimental stuff makes it into anthologies these days. The annotation would have been longer than the actual "story".

Anyways, I have a few plays and another two paged paper due on Monday as well as job training and trying to have a social life. I've already had to turn down a few invites for tonight and this weekend. For shouldn't interfere with socializing this much.

So to show you what my calendar looks like for the next few days I'll put it down for you:

1. Finish writing part 1 of AP manuscript
2. Write full short story manuscript
3. Edit both manuscripts so I don't look like a 5th grader trying to write stories
4. Job training Friday, 10am-5pm
5. Read The Three Sisters by Chekhov
6. Read Heartbreak House by Shaw
7. Read Direction and Acting by Stanislavski
8. Write competent paper on one of the formerly mentioned
9. Take Emmy to the vet to check out her eye (she got something in it and it won't come out)
10. Read and critique two classmate's manuscripts
11. Read two short stories from the fiction anthology
12. Write two paged annotation for one of the stories
13. Make weekly menu
14. Grocery shop
15. Go to Target (This is the stress relief)
16. Remind myself that this is only the third week of the semester

I've also been playing indoor soccer on Wednesdays. It's freaking awesome. Last night I got totally pumped up because the Disturbed song Stricken came on. I beat a girl who is about Edward's height to the ball and I started way behind her. I don't have any ball handling skills, but my teammates were like:
Them: "You really took off."
Me: "Yeah a good song came on and I got really into it."
Them: "That's what it takes you to move?"
Me: Shrug

Wouldn't that song get you pumped up and aggressive too? I'd like to increase my soccer playing time since I only get to go once a week, but I think I'm going to look for some Ultimate Frisbee or adult gymnastics. The only problem is that this all takes precious moola that I don't have. However, it is well worth it if I can keep my sanity and get in shape without feeling like I'm working out.

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