Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shepherd's Pie Night

All week I was waiting for Shepherd's Pie night. I got this recipe from the Kraft Food's Family & Food Magazine a while back and we loved it. Since a lot of the MBA kids expressed an interest in the delectable dish, I made a huge batch. I think I gained an extra bicep trying to stir 11 lbs of meat in my dutch oven. I like to make my own mashed potatoes, so I did them a few hours before I made the meat mixture. It is so simple and tasty that I'll probably do it again soon...but just for Edward and myself.

Our friend Nadeem and Edward

After we all ate, we went out to play some soccer in the parking lot across the street. It was pretty fun and I got really into it. Nadeem was helping me work on my head balls and now my forehead feels bruised! No headers in games for me.

A little added bonus.
The 2008 fire fighter of the year

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