Sunday, March 15, 2009

10:34pm and I'm in bed

I just wanted to quickly say that I think that if I didn't have Edward, I'd become an old maid with 10 dogs. It's 10:34pm and my friend Megan texted me to see if I wanted to do High School Musical Dance for Wii, but I'm brushed up and in bed already. Totally lame. My two little ham and cheese sandwiches are made for tomorrow's lunch and the garbage is all done. I think I would lead a sad, sad little life if I lived alone. I'd be in CA, but I'd have to move out sometime and can totally picture myself exactly how I am bed with retainers in, heating blanket on, and book in my lap.

Today I planned on waking up around 10. Hah! If you know me at all, you'll know that I didn't wake up at 10. My alarm went off no less than five times before I finally woke up from a text at 12 50pm. The text was from my friend Katy, who I always call Ms. Loomis because she is a teacher at the 21st Century program I used to work at. I'm so used to calling her Ms. Loomis because of the kids that I still call her that even when we go out to clubs and stuff. Anyway, so she texted to see if Emmy and I wanted to go walking at that giant park again. Of course Emmy was all for it and so was I. The weather was beautiful! We walked for about an hour and a half. There were so many bikes and kids. Emmy was so overwhelmed with the desire to chase them that she completely ignored all of the other dogs that would be passing with their parents. To be honest, I'd rather her be interested in sniffing dogs butts and not the passing bikers, but she is my angel and I love her anyway. Let us not be mistaken. When there is an absense of bikers she does practice the doggish way of smelling bottomes and faces, but when there are two-wheeled mechanical deer prancing about, it is very hard to entice her with a passing wag of a tail.

After that I headed to the grocery store, making sure to park in complete shade for the Dooz. Then we headed home and I did a new cardio dance work out video I got from Netflix. I'm loving the ability to rent exercise videos because I know that I would never end up buying also helps that I shamelessly copy the good videos so that I can have them for later viewing. I barely wanted to fork out the money for my weights and yoga mat. For $9 a month, Netflix is a great deal for my exercise vids and the Watch Instantly internet portion that I can enjoy with my laptop. So I can have an exercise video come in the mail and then watch movies via the internet at the same time. Anyway, I thought this dance video was going to be difficult to pick up, but it wasn't at all. I struggled a little with the "Club Dance" but did really well with "Latin Dance" and "Jive Dance" sections. It was a work out! I was going to do Shrink Your Female Fat Zones, but after taking a break to give Emmy a bath, I felt like my legs were going to turn to jello. Plus, my rear end is still sore from Thursday and Friday's walks. We went a total of 6.5 miles in two days and 10.5 for the whole week. The best part is that I can fit into pants that I couldn't wear for the last year and a half. I love when I can see a difference. It definetly keeps me motivated.

For dinner I made myself an omelet! I am notorious for making "omelets" and the having them turn into a bowl of scrambled eggs with lots of stuff in them. This time I remembered to have my heat on medium-low and grease my pan really well. I used two eggs instead of the three I usually use. This worked out much better because the egg didn't burn at the bottom and was easier to fold. Then I added the last of my left over pork and shrimp wonton mix, lots of spinach, jalapenos, and cheese. I will post a picture in the near future. It was yummy and pretty healthy. I had a large glass of milk before I got in bed to help with my munchy feelings. Big Apple Pizza down the street was trying to tempt me and the Dominos commercials on Food Network were not helping. I'm not hungry anymore but now my tummy is rumbling. I may have grown out of most of my lactose intolerance, but apparently not all of it. It's a good thing Edward doesn't come back until tomorrow. Hee hee.

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The Unconventional Life said...

I like to hear that you are keeping yourself productive. You should have seen me when Ron worked until 10 pm when we first came to Japan. My routine was come home, make dinner, take a bath, and watch 5 hours of CSI or Sex and the City. So I would be a sad little woman with you. Miss you roomie.