Friday, March 06, 2009

Lauren Luke

I came across Lauren Luke (this is her website) on Youtube while I was wasting endless hours of brain-numbing loneliness the other night. Edward is now back in CA for spring break and I just took our friends to the airport so that they could see our home too. Anyway, she is a makeup artist who shows you how to do your makeup like the stars. She gets requests from people to copy the way that women look in music videos and on the red carpet. She's pretty good too! She shows you step-by-step how to apply it and tells you the exact brands and size brushes that she uses. So last night I was inspired to try some on myself. It reminded me of the good old days when Juni and I used to stay home and play with makeup just for the fun of it.

To me it looks weird because I don't usually wear so much makeup. It looks nice, but not me. I'd probably wear this stuff if I was going out at night or something. Definitely not during the day or everyday for that matter. My one minute routine in the morning is good enough for me.

I was having fun taking pictures too. I felt like I was at the optometrist's office because I was trying to avoid looking at the flash. Today I also did try to do something with daytime makeup. And of course, my friend Rolando noticed. I don't I know any other guys who would. It's subtle, but too much work. Five minutes is a long time when you're tired.

This one is called "Sweet and Innocent Bride"...zilla

Doozy says that she's pretty even without putting stuff on her face.
This one is supposed to be like Taylor Swift's "Tears on my Guitar"

This was fun, but way to much work to do all of the time. When I see the makeup on myself they do look different, but from the pictures they look the same. Luke uses the same techniques for both of these looks I think. I don't have the makeup nor will I get any to do the bright Bollywood or Kylie Minogue looks, which are much different from these.


WellspringCreations said...

You're my blog neighbor today! Just wanted to say you're pretty good with that camera! That last picture with your pup is a winner! Good luck with the writing, too; we're having J.K. Rowling withdrawal symptoms at our house. Fill the gap!

Abigail said...

I liked the juxtaposition of "I look weird" and then the first photo. I was going to say "Allison, I think I know why...." But it looks good!